Stalked by a Mountain Lion

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I was nineteen years old when this happened. I’m thirty-two now but the thought of what happened that night still sends shivers down my spine. I visited my dad in a small town called Rio Grand City, he has a house inside his ranch which is perfect because i love hunting. My dad and step mom were going to be out for a few hours for they were heading to a party. My dad urged me to come but I didn’t want to, later on I regret that decision.

As my parents left I went to my room and grabbed my bow and arrow and my fathers 38 special revolver. I headed out deep into the ranch before it got too dark hoping to find a deer or bob cat, I was an expert with my bow and arrow and wanted to see if i still had it. I go to my usual spot which has a deer blind my dad bought when I was six. There I waited and waited till darkness was upon me. I was quite disappointed no animals had shown up, I decided it was time to head back home.

As I exited the deer blind I could barley see anything except for the moonlight, stupid me forgot to bring a flashlight but never the less I had my phone and it had a flashlight app. I continued my walk home when i got the eerie feeling I was being watched. I brushed it off as it’s probably my imagination its getting dark and i’m all alone out here. Even with the light on my phone I could barley see what was in front of me, all of a sudden I stopped for I heard a twig break. I looked around but saw nothing one again I brushed it off as maybe a rabbit or a road runner we have a  lot of those in my dads ranch.

I continued to walk until I heard the sound of branches being brushed up against something. This time it caught my attention now I know for sure someone or something is following me. I picked up my pace and walked faster, I was getting more nervous by the minute for whenever I moved whatever was following me was moving as well. Then the worst thing happened, my battery died shutting off the light from my phone leaving me in complete darkness. What happened next literally sent chills down my spine.

Something roared at me and I recognized that roar, it was the roar of a mountain lion. I dropped my bow quickly drew my revolver and fired all six shots in all directions then took of in a full sprint back home. As I got home I saw that my parents were home as well. My dad asked what was the matter and I told him what happened. My dad was shocked and skeptical at the same time, he told me he hasn’t seen a cougar in these parts since he was a kid never the less my dad took my word for it and grabbed his rifle and told me to go with him to retrieve my bow.

After five or ten minutes of driving we stopped as we saw my bow lying on the ground. Me and my dad step out of the truck finger on our triggers ready to fire. My dad had his flashlight and was looking around when he found something, tracks, he found tracks. He showed them to me and confirmed they were the tracks of a mountain lion and that i was lucky to be alive.

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