I was stalked by some creeper with an underage fetish.

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I’ll start this off by saying I’m a junior in high school in a small town Alberta, Canada. I will also mention that I am gay, male, and I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years now. My story starts this last April when I was walking home from my boyfriend’s house. Usually here, we don’t have any issues with creeps or sexual assault or any of that, so I wasn’t afraid to walk 15 minutes to get home. It’s around 10:20 PM and I’m jamming out to Kanye with one earbud out, texting my boyfriend, not paying too much attention to my surroundings.

I start passing by a semi sketchy neighborhood when some guy hollers at me. Here I will also mention that I’m easily angered, and I get into fights with people much bigger than me.

But considering I stand at 5’6 or so, this guy was intimidatingly big, around a foot taller than me, and had to weigh at least 75 pounds or more than I did. Anyways, I turned to the guy and ask him what he wants, and he just grins, sauntering over. He stood beneath a street lamp, a few feet from me, now looking me up and down. I made it clear I was uncomfortable, and from what I could tell, he enjoyed that fact. He took a step closer, breaking the silence with,

“You’re cute.” to which I sneered and turned away. But instead of this creep getting mad or taking a hint, he just started to follow me, making comments about my figure, and mostly my ass. It started to piss me off, and so after three or so minutes of him following me, I spun around and went off on him.
“FUCK OFF.” I half-shouted, baring teeth and trying to look bigger than I was, but I knew it wasn’t working. So, me being a dumb ass irrational teenager, I took aim at his groin with my foot before taking off running. I could hear him running after me, which drove me to go faster. I made a huge mistake when I jumped my back gate, not realizing until I calmed down that I led this asshole to my house. And even though he didn’t follow me into my backyard, I heard him laughing as he walked away. Immediately, I texted my boyfriend, but asides telling him and everyone else I knew, there wasn’t much I could do.

For weeks, I’d see him around my neighborhood, following at a fair distance. He’d always be staring at me, licking his lips, and now that I look back at it, I know exactly what he was staring at. At one point, he stepped too close and I had to get my father to come chase him off. It got so bad he started leaving notes for me, chocolates, flowers- this creep was obsessed. It wasn’t until my boyfriend threatened him that he stopped for a few weeks, only to start up again in mid may.

The first time I saw him again was when I went to the pool with my boyfriend, and he was beyond the fence, eyeing me. I got security to chase him off, and that was the last straw for my family. Finally, my father got the police to monitor for him, and when they found him creeping up, they told him what would happen if he ever did it again.

I thought it would finally end there, but later that week, I got one last thing from him, which still makes me really upset. A note was left at my boyfriend stating both or our personal information, our classes and grades, some of our immediate family, and also had pictures attached of us all over town in recent months. The worst of it was the handwritten part at the bottom. It read,
“I’ll steal him from you one day.”

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