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For the whole month of February 2018 I went on holiday to a cabin with a beautiful forest resort with a forest all around me and I went alone. I have gone on holidays alone before and I have also gone with friends and family but there are times where I like to be alone. This forest was beautiful and the cabin I was staying at was also very nice and very well maintained. I Like to walk around the forest and even put up a camp outside my cabin and make a log fire at night and have myself a barbecue and it was all very nice and looking up at the stars just made it better.

Then on my third day within this forest i could hear a deer making strange noises like it was struggling for its life. I followed the noise and I found a deer all on its own just sort fighting something invisible and would make the most heinous of screams. It was what the deer was wearing which really confused me as it had a shirt promoting the dead franchise blockbuster around its body and I found it quite unusual and strange. The deer was just moving around strangely on its own and now and then stopping suddenly and it seemed to be having some sort of conversation in its own language to something that was not there.

Then it started to viciously roll around on the ground and started jumping like some maniac as this deer clearly had something wrong with its mind and then it just wandered of while making strange noises. Then on my second week within the forest i heard another deer making those strange sounds and when i followed the noise it was another deer suffering from the same condition just like from the first deer. It was also wearing a shirt around its body promoting the dead franchise ‘TOYS R US’ and this was just so bizarre. I wanted to know who was putting on these shirts promoting dead franchises on these poor deer’s that clearly were in distress by it. Also this forest resort i was staying in it was a deer forest resort as well and it was one of the reasons I went to it.

Then on my third week I heard a gang of deer’s this time all shouting and causing some sort of commotion and i followed the sounds and what i saw was just horrible. A gang of deer’s were all ganging up on a single deer who was in clear distress and had a shirt around its body promoting the dead British franchise called wimpy. Wimpy was one of the main motor way restaurants in Britain back in the good old days. This deer was clearly screaming and rolling around on the ground while the other deer’s were completely petrified of it and was the main reason why they were all ganging up on the single deer with the wimpy shirt around its body. Then the gang of deer’s all started to bite into the meat of the deer that was promoting the wimpy business and it was like they were predators. This was unusual behavior for deer’s and for them to become cannibalistic to their own kind was not something I have ever heard of. Then again i am no expert in this field.

On my last week I heard a man making some strange sound and was just acting so bizarre and when I went out of my cabin i saw some homeless man wearing a shirt promoting the dead franchise restaurant lum’s. For those of you that don’t know lum’s was a popular hot dog restaurant in the 80’s but they went out but i think there is only one left but that’s just speculation. It use to be popular among students. This homeless man just like the poor deer’s was rolling around on the ground and screaming.

Then when he took off the shirt I saw that there was another one on his body underneath the first one but I swear to you that when some one wears two or more shirts underneath the first one you could easily tell but this wasn’t the case with this homeless man. I couldn’t tell he was wearing another shirt promoting Lum’s under the first, second or third one. Then when he took off the second, third, fourth and right to the tenth shirt i was shocked to find out that there was always another one under neath the one he was wearing. It started to hurt my eyes a little and it started to give me a bit of a head ache and I then watched him take off his shirt for the 11th, 12th and right to the 25th time and there was always another one underneath the one he was wearing on top. It was never ending and i decided to call for help and told them everything I had experienced while on this deer forest resort.

I didn’t get much of a refund but I think may just visit another forest resort in the future.

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