Southern Ohio Skinwalker

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This happened about a year ago, last summer. Some background. I’m a 21 year old non-native american (100% German bloodline) male and somewhat know about Skinwalkers and Wendigos, mainly from the massive amount of time I spent on 4chan in the past couple years. I live in the hills of the Ohio River Valley. Im an avid coyote hunter and fisherman. What time I am not spending at work, playing video games, or browsing 4chan, I’m in the woods or on the river.

One night after I left work I decided to go fishing at the pond on my friend’s property, to the northeast of my house. I got home, grabbed my rods, tackle box and trusty HK VP9 (because I carry everywhere I go nowadays), and ran to the store and bought some chicken livers for bait. I should also mention that I brought my puppy. A 9 month old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix that I named Mauser.

As I arrived at my friend’s property and began pulling my truck into the field surrounding the pond, the sun started to set. It was eerily quiet. No noises of nature, or any noise at all other than the engine of my truck running. It made me feel kinda uneasy, but I just pushed it out of my mind.

I got out of the truck with my pup and began to set up my rods when Mauser started acting a little uneasy. I patted him gently on the side to try and reassure him that everything was fine. By the time my rods were set up and ready to go, it was dark out. So I went back to the truck to grab my glowsticks and head lamp. It was then that Mauser jumped into the truck and wouldn’t move.

I asked what he was doing, almost expecting an answer, but instead I was hit with the most God awful stench I’ve ever smelled in my life. The smell of sulfur and rotting flesh. I started to worry at that point. In an instant, every thread on 4chan that I’ve read about Skinwalkers flew through my mind.

I stayed still and silent for a second, listening. All of a sudden, I see Mauser start shaking and hear footsteps behind me. The stench of rotting meat grew stronger. My heart was in my throat and I had completely forgotten the handgun clipped underneath my steering wheel.

I stood there for what seemed like hours, even though it was only seconds. I slowly started to turn my head back towards whatever was behind me. About 50 feet behind me, barely lit up by the light back by the pond was what I know was a skinwalker. I was horrified. It was easily 9 feet tall, and had the head of a deer with scraggly antlers, as well as a deer’s legs, and a human’s torso, but it was rotting.

Fight or flight had hit me at that point, so I jumped into my truck and slammed the door shut. I grabbed my pistol and rolled down the window and started shooting while trying to back out. I had my magazine empty in mere seconds and was out of the field seconds later. I had thought I was safe and that I was going to get away. I was wrong. I looked over and saw Mauser with all his hair standing up, teeth barred, savagely growling at something behind the truck.

It was then that I felt the back of the truck drop. As if something had jumped into the bed. I didn’t dare look into my rear view mirror. I kept driving towards the dirt road to take me from the field back to my friend’s house. I heard a loud screech coming from right behind me. It sounded like it was close, but at the same time far away and coming from other directions.

I drove for another 10 minutes. Hearing tapping on my back windshield the entire time. Once I got back to my friend’s driveway, all was silent. I gathered the courage to get out of the truck, forcing my pup to stay inside. If rather have something bad happen to me than him. This all happened last summer, so almost a year ago. I go back there to shoot and do target practice sometimes, but I always have a feeling of dread around that pond, and I can still hear the screeching sometimes. As if I could forget that sound anyways…

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