Something’s not right with Tinder.

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Before I start, let me give you some background about myself. I’m 16 now, but this happened to me when I was 13. I live In Topeka, Kansas. When I got Tinder, I wasn’t expecting much. . Probably just some creeps and maybe some people that I would get matched with. My friend, let’s call him Jimmy, tried this app out and said he loved it, so I decided to give it a try myself.

When I first logged on, I was super excited. I got matched with people I didn’t know, but that Didn’t bother me. Honestly, I thought It was cool to get matched with someone you don’t know, so that way you can probably get to know them better. Although, One of the people I chated with,
had an awfully weird name. All that was in their name was 1’s and 0’s. I found that odd, but I let it be. The guy probably didn’t know a name he could use. He was the person that always texted day and night, never leaving you alone. The guy never talked about himself much, and always seemed to want to know things about me, like where I lived and all that. But I usually just Ignored it.

Later on, I was getting messages by this person day and night, and they would not leave me alone. I eventually just stopped using Tinder, and blocked all notifications from it. When I looked his name up once, I never saw anything. ‘User does not exist,’ The app read. I started to get freaked out. I went back into the chats he sent, and I messaged him. ‘Hey, uh, weird question but, why does the app say your account doesn’t exist?’ No response. I figured this guy was a hacker, and I deleted the app soon after this occurence.

One day, At my house, I was looking for something in my room. It was an old 1980’s figure, or something like that. I knew it had to be in my room, but where? My parents couldn’t have used or found it, ’cause they were on a weekend vacation in Hawaii. Suddenly, out of thin air, the figure dropped on my head. I looked straight up, but saw nothing. My phone rang right after that. It was a message from the user on Tinder. I was shocked. I thought I deleted the app, I said to myself. The message read, ‘Found your Figure?’ I screamed, and dropped my phone immediately. I heard the door to my room slam open, but when I looked over, I saw no one. But I could hear this in-human laugh. Like a sychopath’s laugh, almost. It started out quiet, but grew louder and louder. ‘Hahahahaha…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.’ I ran out of my room, and shut the door behind me. Since that day, nothing has happened.

As I write this, I still get chills. I haven’t used Tinder ever since, and have not tried to download any matching apps like it. Whatever this was, It was not from this world. Thank god It has left me alone since, and thank goodness I have not dealt with whatever that was. Jimmy still uses the app, and I’ve warned him about that user. Thankfully, I took a picture of that username the day I got the weird message. I realized it was Binary Code. I looked up a translator and translated it. What I read, shocked me. ‘IMALWAYSWATCHING.’

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