Something Wasn’t Right

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I’m going to start by saying that I’m not exactly sure what me and a few friends experienced fully, but there was definitely something strange with us that night. This story takes place in Fall of 2017 and I was 16. Me and a few friends went to a cabin campout with our Boy Scout Troop. The first night we got there it was the normal routine of unpacking and setting up our things, making sure you set up near one of the power outlets which me and a friend got and shared one of the two in the room. The next morning was fairly normal. Hanging out, talking, playing card games and on the GameCube someone brought with and we played via a projector we brought with.

By the time lunch came around we were out of the water we brought with so I and a few others were tasked with walking approximately a mile maybe a little less to a water pump to fill up the three 5 gallon jugs we had. Now me, being the biggest one out of the group that was sent carried them but I knew that there was no possible way I could carry these things all that back. One sure but physically impossible to do all three or two for that matter. So we looked for something to help us on the way and found a sort of cart by some wooden building on the path there. It had two big wheels, a wooden body and a bar that stuck out the front enough for me to fit in it and push it with the box like thing behind me to pull the water jugs. (It looked like the one I shared in the picture but a little longer and more worn down). We used this and filled up the water which took longer than it should have due to the other kids messing around with the pump. The pump was in front of a shower house with a lone light and near a lake (this will be relevant later). So after that we used this cart to bring the heavy jugs back and went on with our day.

Well by the time might cane around they needed to be filled AGAIN and of course instead of waking up early when it was light, my friend and I were sent to go. So I threw on my coat and some gloves to go out since it was cold and we each took a flashlight. We started walking, me with the cart again to make it easy on us. From the moment I stepped out the door I had the sketchiest feeling ever about being out there. I couldn’t describe it. Like the feeling of being watched and that you know something is going to happen. I tried to calm myself but I kept hearing noises in the distance and seeing movement out of the corners of my eyes.

When we reached an spot in the path not to far from the cabin where there was a little fenced area with canoes, kayaks, and things like that. My body froze and this feeling tripled. I told my friend about the feeling before but he kept saying it was nothing. I finally said at that point “I can’t do this. This shit is way too weird. We’ll get up at first light.” He wasn’t having it but went back anyway to get someone to go. I felt bad but I truly had the feeling I was going to die there. We went in and I told one of the leaders but they said it was probably just animals. We had heard and seen coyote the noght before and during the day. I was completely planning on staying but then my friend said something along the lines of “I’m going to get some real men to go with me.” Well right then and there I knew I couldn’t let him insult me like that but we figured a couple more people wouldn’t hurt supposing something did try anything we’d team up on it.

So with a couple more people and an extra powerful headband flashlight loaned to me, we went back out and the feeling came back. We started walking and again by that fenced area I got the feeling tripled but just walked faster past it. Now everyone started sharing my feeling but not as bad so we all kept an eye out and noticed animal tracks that weren’t there before. We reached the pump and filled the water while me and my friend loomed around. The lone yellowish light from the shower house left huge areas of creepy shadow and noises coming from the lake, bullfrogs most likely.

The feeling never left but wasn’t as strong as by those canoes. I kept seeing things lurking in the shadows and didn’t trust it at all. As we head back we kept observing strange things all around and as we were walking we would stop occasionally to hear distant footsteps. As we neared the canoe area I hear my friend, the one originally with me alone yell “What the hell? Oh fuck that RUN!!” so we all bolted. I, the biggest one there nearly 6 foot, about 220 punds with a jacked up knee and an additional 30-40 pines of the cart and water jugs with me ran the fastest and we all made it back to the cabin.

After we set the water down me and my friend went just outside to get some air and I asked what he saw that made him react like that. He said when we reached the building I found the cart at with was right by the canoe area, in the dim bluish light attached to the building, he saw a man in his peripheral vision sprinting at us full speed but when he blinked the man had dissapeared. I believed him since I thought I heard the running and when I looked back as I ran I swore I saw the resemblance of a silhouetted man. The next morning we checked it out but saw nothing but a few worn out looking footprints. As we drove off that morning though, I got that feeling again as we drove past the fenced area.

To this day I’m not sure what happened that night. Of all these things were a strange coinsidence or is this shadowy man was stalking us. I don’t remember the name of the place so I can’t even look into it but I’m a little curious. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back there again but if we do I want to try being around there again to see if this man appears again or not. I’ll try and update if I ever find out more. I hope you all enjoyed I know it isn’t the scariest story ever but it was creepy for me and the others that witnessed it. Stay safe out there. You never know what or who is lurking in the shadows…

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