Something is in the Apartment

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So this story takes place about 2 years ago, I’m now a 20 year old female living on the east coast of America. A little backstory: During my childhood, my mom and dad were constantly in and out of jail. My younger brother and I have lived with my saint of a grandmother since I was 7 and he was 5. My dad had been out for some time and finally found an okay apartment to live in, nothing special but it sufficed. My mother moved in too about two months later. My brother and I would visit whenever we could, which was pretty easy because our high school was a 25 minute walk or so from where they lived. Little did we all know, it would be the start of some bizarre events that none of us could explain. There are several instances so if I’m all over the place, I do apologize.

I remember the first time I walked into that building. I can’t explain the feeling you get as soon and you enter the through the door. It feels so cold and honestly, super depressing, like something horrible happened there. It was always something I kind of shrugged off and I chalked it up to my mind playing tricks on me. Now, my father was never the type of person to believe in the paranormal, and even I was sort of on the fence about it. I would try to rationalize these events to ease my mind in any way I could.

So rewind to 2015, I had just gotten back from a concert I went to with my dad (yes I know that sounds lame, but none of my friends were into metal so my dad was my designated concert buddy.) I was beyond tired after the show so I laid down and did my usual catching up on some YouTube stuff I missed. About an hour later, I finally decided to try sleeping. Because their apartment was so small, I would just drag a mattress into the living room and crash there, fancy living, I know. I had my head facing the door at the end of the hallway when I see what looked like a tall man, maybe 6ft in height, step out from the side room directly into the center of the hallway. He swayed back and forth for a good 30 seconds and then turned and walked back into the side room. Everyone else was sleeping so I just laid there, absolutely fucking paralyzed with fear. I had no way to rationalize it, I was wide awake, wasn’t drinking or anything. I somehow managed to fall asleep and I told my mom everything the next morning and what she began to tell me made my heart beat so hard, I could hear and feel it in my ears. She told me that for the past several months, she would be laying there watching TV when she would hear low guttural growls right next to her head. Then it started happening in the middle of the night. My mom is tiny and sweet looking but she is one tough woman, and she looked horrified telling me this. I think she was lowkey relieved I  experienced because all of this started making her feel crazy. It only started getting worse from here. Her and my father went to bed one night a few weeks later like usual. My mom got up in while my dad was getting ready for work when noticed that she had a pretty bad black eye that wasn’t there the night before. My mom was a light sleeper so she would’ve woken up if my dad had accidentally clocked her in the middle of the night. They just tried dismissing it, until my dad started waking up with long scratches all over his body. My mom was beyond freaked out but again, because my dad didn’t believe in the paranormal, he moved on. So fast forward maybe 3 months, we were all watching a movie and chilling like we usually do when my brother and I would go over. My dad sits up and goes “guys, look at my fucking shirt”, it literally looked like someone was tugging it, I don’t mean it was tugged lightly, it was pulled about 7 inches from his body but we couldn’t see anything holding the shirt. It looked like something out of a movie. We originally thought he was messing with us somehow until he proved he had zero to do with it.

So the Fourth of July comes and the four of us left the apartment to find fireworks, I had canceled plans with friends so I was down for fireworks. At this time, my older half brother was renting the apartment just below my parents due to reasonable prices. My brother called my mom to see if we had left yet, when she told him we were out watching fireworks, he freaked out and told us he thought someone was in our upstairs apartment. He heard heavy walking and drawers being opened and slammed shut. My brother booked it upstairs to find whoever was in there and to probably beat the piss out of them knowing him. The layout of the building is important because if someone were upstairs, they would have to walk right past my brothers door to get out of the building. He was by his door the whole time he heard it. He went up to find nobody, just opened drawers. I’m not gonna lie, I tried to avoid going over there because I always felt as though I was being watched. Around Christmas time of that year, a good friend of my mom and dads named Dave passed away. My mother got to keep his ashes. Now this is relevant because as soon as his ashes were brought in, everything subsided. No growls, no tall dark apparitions, no scratches, no black eyes and so on. I’m not religious or spiritual but I truly think Dave warded off something possibly very evil and protected us. So thank you so much Dave.

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