Something In The Woods

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When my father passed away I inherited the family farm in the more rural area of Ohio just as he did when my grandfather passed. I was raised on this farm and spent the better parts of my childhood on this farm. Since I was child, and even still today, I feel uneasy being all alone on the property.

I consider myself an outdoorsman, growing up on a farm with my father we were either working on the daily chores or we would be hunting, fishing, and camping.

I eventually left home and traded home life for military life in the United States Army. That being said I was trained and drilled to pay attention to details. Details that most would overlook and consider “unimportant”.

While I was going through my fathers belongings I came across his old hunting shotgun. I figured as a tribute to my late father I would harvest one last Whitetailed Deer with the shotgun before the hunting season ended.

While I was out scouting the area the area I would be hunting over I had the strange uneasy feeling that I felt as a child overcome me. I felt as if I was being watched by someone or something. I could barely make out a figure moving between the trees 10 yards in front of me. Whatever I was seeing was breathing very heavily and the ground was shaking beneath my feet with every step it took.

My blood ran cold at the mere thought of what I was seeing. When I eventually got the nerve to leave I left the area as quietly as possible. I played it off as something as trivial as my mind playing tricks on me.

The next day when I went back to the area I had chosen for my hunt I noticed the woods around me were eerily quiet. There were no animals running around no woodpeckers, no deer. A few hours passed and as I got comfortable against the tree I had chosen to watch from I became overwhelmed with the worst smell I have ever experienced not too long after that I noticed something odd in the distance.

I saw with my naked eye what can only be described as a giant hairy humanoid figure walking towards me. I determined that whatever this was at the time was no less than 60 yards away. I looked through the scope on my fathers shotgun to get a better look at the creature. What I saw is an image I will never forget.

Whatever I saw had a human like face, broad shoulders, long reddish brown hair all over its body. The creature had to be at least 8ft tall and its arms went all the way to its knees. I ultimately decided to shoot just over its head to attempt to scare it off. After I shot it let out the most blood curdling yell/roar that made my body freeze up

I waited for the longest hour of my life to get up to ensure that whatever I saw was gone. After I got my nerve back I got up and went to investigate the area I had seen the creature come from and I saw the biggest footprints in my entire life. My fathers shotgun has a 28 inch barrel and these footprints came within inches of being as long as the gun barrel is.

My grandfather and father told me stories about The Ohio Grassman when I was a child.  For those who are unfamiliar with the Grassman they are Ohios Bigfoot more or less. Both my father and grandfather always told me that these creatures lived here on this land long before our family did. Whatever it was I saw that day I no longer go to that area of what is now my farm. I will also no longer wander the property unarmed.

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