Something chased me one summer

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My name is gus, I am currently 23.  So this story took place about 8 years ago when I was about 15.

i was living in Lehigh acres.  A small town in southwest Florida.  I love fishing and would find myself in all sorts of remote locations chasing fish.  On this particular day. I was fishing a large brackish canal at a local park/nature area.

There was a small playground at the front of the park and that lead into some deep woods. And this canal ran along the woods for several miles.

It was maybe 2 in the afternoon and very hot and sunny.

I hadn’t had much luck so I was just zoning out. Casting and day dreaming.  I was maybe three miles down the canal walking and fishing when I became aware of a strange sound coming from the woods behind me.

I thought it was my imagination, so I sort of ignored it.

After a few minutes of silence I tried to focus on the noise.  And what I heard made my heart sink.  It was some kind of gutteral growl/yell.  It didn’t sound like any animal I’d ever seen or heard of.  It was vibrating my bones it was so loud.  My line was still out when I turned around to see what it was.

I was shaking. And as I looked at the trees behind me I saw two huge furry cat like feet.

But not truely cat like.

More like a big cougar that had slime sort of deformation or disease.  I almost accepted that I was going to die as it all hit me. I was saying “no! No! No!”, to myself as I started running and reeling in my line.  I maybe made the two mile run in a few minutes. I can’t remember if I felt anything chasing me.

But when I reached the playground and looked over my shoulder I saw a dark silhouette of some kind of wolf like thing with a long cat like tail.

The sun was high in the sky so I couldn’t make out any colors or real distinguishing features.

I could just tell this thing wasn’t right.  The growl it made still makes me shake and sweat.  I just remember riding my bike home shaking and wanting to tell my dad.  He ended up driving out there to check it out later that day but said he didn’t see anything.  I’m not sure what I saw.

Or why that thing would be in such a public area.  But I don’t care.

I just know it scared me to death!

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