Someone in my Backyard

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My name is Christian and 2 years ago I moved from my small suburban home into a rural subdivision on a lake.

There are only 4,000 people in my town s not many eventful things happen. Since I was going to a different school I lost contact with most of my friends except for Nick and Nolan.

I had them over almost every weekend and we always liked to go on massive ding dong ditching raids in our neighborhood.

One night we all got high and decided to go ding dong ditch this middle aged man who has a very unkept yard with very long grass.  It was around 1 am in the morning when we rang his doorbell.  Since Nolan is a jackass he rung his doorbell at least 10 times and each time this old man came out and started screaming until eventually he didn’t come out anymore.

We decided to head home and this is where shit started to get weird.  On are way back we lost track of Nolan as he still wanted to hit a few more houses.

That is when Nick told me he felt as though we where being watched and sure enough I looked behind us and I could see a car with its headlights off following us from a distance.

I told Nick to run like hell and we started cutting through all the neighbors yards until we finally reached my house.  When we got in we pulled all the drapes shut and I started to freak out because Nolan was still out there ding dong ditching.  I called him and he picked up saying that he was almost to our house.

I told him what had just happened and he got to my house 5 minutes after that.

We all started where in panic mode and we decide to call it a night and go to bed.  When we where drifting asleep I heard a loud bang from outside the type of noise of something striking metal.

I dismissed it at first and started to drift asleep.  I was woken up suddenly by Nick who said that he saw movement in my backyard.  I looked outside and in the distance I could see a outline of a person.

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as fast as I could.  When the cops came they found the person in my backyard and they found a miniature  handgun in his pocket.

After these events happened I have recently moved again and I have lost contact with Nick and Nolan But I still wonder what could have happened if I didn’t call the police.

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