Snapchat horror

Before I start I am going to give you some background information.I am a 17 teen years old and my sister is 15 years old also I am a male.This happen one year ago and my sister was on snapchat.She got a text from a random person so she repiled and they started talking.

One day she left her phone on the table and she got a text saying something werid and this is what it said.Hey good looking how about we meet up at the park and spice things up.I was creeped out and I thought she wasnt going to do it.I was dead wrong because the next she asked are mom if she could go to the park.At ths point I was scared for her life.

Are mom said yes so I said can I go hang out with my friends and she said yes.I got a knife and followed my sister.The park had no one in sight so I said just my luck.She went there and sat on bench.Then a man I would have to say late 40s came and sat next to her.He said how are you to her she said good looking around.

The guy saw this and said what you looking for she said nothing.Just then I saw him put his hand on her leg she slaped him and said whats your problem.He smiled and grabed her.I pulled out my knife and stab him in the arm.He let out a loud scream and we ran.Once we got home we heard banging on are door.Are mom came down and yelled what is going on.

Then she saw my bloody knife and what is that on my knife.I said blood and how I got my sister out of that thing.We called 911 and they came and arested him.They told us this was not the first time this man did something like this.

So now here we are and my sister got off of snapchat.I am here thankful that I was able to read her phone and how he is behind bars.

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