Snapchat dating gone wrong

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Well I decided to try the new buzz on snapchat. Well I started talking to this man seemed great genuine man I mean we talked for about a year before we decided to meet so I had no suspect of anything going wrong.

Well it was my birthday I was 18 he wanted to take me out to the mall and then make me dinner at his new home.

All was good after the mall got some Victoria secret sprays and lotions and we are heading to the house well I walk in and automatically I feel the coldest chill I mean cold! The floors the furtinure pictures everything is covered in plastic he said he was remolding ….but then.

he started acting weird pacing back and forth I just got some.bad vibes. Finally I called my dad told him to hurry and pick me up at his house thankfully just in time as a car was unloading some rough looking men about 6 of them.I got the hell out and never heard from him since!

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