Snapchat Boyfriend Stalker

A little while ago I was a snapchat geek. I had all my friends on there. I also had my boyfriend on there. Of course this is normal I  had him on all my social media websites. But during this time I having second thoughts about our relationship it was mostly because he had been posting pictures of me on his facebook, instagram and snapchat. It made me extremely uncomfortable and i told him to not but he kept doing it. So I broke up with him because of that and other events. Later that night a rock hit my door.

I checked my cameras and surprise, surprise it was him.

I was alone so I thought about calling the cops and opened my phone. A second after i opened it i got a snapchat notification. I opened and saw a picture of me looking at my phone. It was taken through a window. I looked over to the window and saw it shift to the right.

I quickly realized that he was running for the back door. I made it to the door faster because he had to open the back fence or hop over it. I locked all the windows and doors and ran up stairs and locked all the doors with the keys i did this because he was most likely to jiggle the wrong door knob and think i locked my self in the bathroom of one of the rooms. and before I heard glass hit the floor and rustling downstairs followed by slow thumps. i heard a door knob jiggle luckily it wasn’t my rooms door. I had already called the police and they told me they wouldn’t have sirens on so to just believe they were here at all times. I told her i had  to hang up after i heard him laugh and metal hit the ground.

After three minutes of waiting i heard my door knob jiggle, metal hit the floor and a creaking door followed by four pairs of feet and yelling. The police had arrived. After he was arrested they informed me he had a gun and a crowbar and that they had been notified that after I hung up there was another click I had to use my house phone because my phone was going to die. They were the scariest moments of my life. Im glad to be alive and regret using my house phone. if you have a bunch of rooms if you can you should lock all of them. it will surly confuse them. Happy hauntings.

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