Smile guy

Okay this story was pieced together and some of the details might be off but, I am certain it happened. I apologize in advance is this sounds like some stale spooky spaghetti.

In High Desert State prison. It’s a prison North of Las Vegas Nevada, They have a prison boot camp program. It’s basically like the military only with no guns and graduation means a reduced sentence.
They had the younger prisoners do military style drills and pointless teamwork exercises like, move heavy rocks from one spot to another and things like that.
One inmate in particular was Smiley Stan, He wanted to be in the military but, got into drugs instead, He was a real odd ball in the crowd, He didn’t have gang tattoo’s like the rest and he was always smiling as if he was happy to be there. His unflinching smile made him stand out most of all. He was a model recruit for the program, Smiley Stan got promoted to corporal and had small petty privileges and extra responsibility which he dutifully carried out. One time, two rival gang members were about to start fighting but, he broke up the fight without breaking his smile or raising his voice. The other inmates had a strange mix fear and respect for him. His oddly clean cut and calm demeanor kept his unit in line more so then the drill instructors with guns.
All the guards spoke highly of him and was given a certificate of completion and was released early from prison.
Less then a week out of the program and back on the streets he felt an itch for meth. He had stolen a sawn off shotgun  from one trashy looking house and broke into another  house in another nicer neighborhood he thought was empty… Only it wasn’t empty. A five year old girl and a sixteen year old baby sitter were inside. He broke through the patio door, Thinking he didn’t have to worry about alerting anyone. A small girl came running over to investigate the noise.
 Unable to wipe the smile off of his face he fired the sawn off at the five year olds head, The baby sitter was too scared to move. He just grinned at her and said “oops my bad, I didn’t think anyone was home.” She fled without a response.
When the cops finally showed up he was found inside of the house  he was found over the dead child’s head with her brain matter in his hands.
“No wait, I can fix it.” casually stated to the cops.  His attempt at piecing her skull back together like it was a puzzle was interrupted by his arrest.
When he stood before the judge, he merely smiled and asked “Does this mean I lose my rank in the ol’e bootcamp?”
When he went back to prison where he was put in a segregated unit for the worst of the worst, His unflinching smile is what makes him stand out most of all.


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