Sleepover from Hell

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By S4D

I live in New Zealand, and the area I live in is very very safe or so I thought.

Before this incident, kids could walk around the neighborhood at all hours of the night with out any fear of anything bad happening to them, this all changed one night when I stayed over at one of my friends houses one night.

I was 12 at the time and the group of guys I hung out with were in the age range of 11-8, this night there were the usual 7 of us staying at my then friends house, we will call him M. The others were B, R, K, J, D and me (S).

We kicked off the night playing video games and talking about the night ahead and how late we should all try to stay up till, M’s parents had left for the night and wouldn’t be back till mid day the next day, I remember M asking me if I brought over one of my games, which I had forgotten at home.

To put this into perspective I only lived 800 meters or .4 miles away from M’s house so going home to get it was no problem, I hopped onto my bike and started riding. I got home, got the game and starting riding back, I remember feeling uneasy as I passed one of the houses back to M’s house and i felt like I was being watched or something, I put it down to me trying to scare myself and carried on riding.

The night started fine, we all were having a good time. B who was M’s younger brother, then had the brilliant idea prank calling people and so we starting prank calling people on our street, it went ok to start, we got a few people who laughed as they knew who we were and we got a few hang ups.

I remember it was my turn, and I will never know why but I had the urge to call the house that I had passed earlier. M told me that no one lived there but on the second ring someone picked up, I remember and ice cold deep voice answering ‘what?’, I used an Indian accent and acted like a telemarketer. I thought it had gone well, I remember the guys in the background trying really hard not to laugh and just as I was about to hang up the voice said ‘That was a nice bike you were riding before, mind if I have a ride on it tonight S? I will be over at M’s house soon’, I froze and i started shaking and hung up, the guys looked at me and asked what he said and I told them, all of the boys eyes widened.

I said ‘maybe it would be best if we stay up stairs for a while’ and the other boys agreed, so we stayed in M and B’s room with the door locked. A few hours passed and we all had calmed down a bit, we decided that we wanted more food and wanted to play some more video games so we all toughened up and headed down stairs, immediately i felt the same feeling as I did the night before, like I was being watched, but this time the other boys felt it also. We all went as a group and looked out each window, there was no body there.

An hour later at almost 2 am we heard a bang at the front door, it startled all of us and we hid for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes.
R peaked up and said he would go into the next room and look out the front window, I remember hearing a high pitch scream and then a low growling sound, I ran in to see what was wrong and R was pointing at the front window and old mans face that was staring right back at us, I would compare the express on his face to Jack Nicholson in the shining, pure insanity.

I grabbed R pulled him up the stairs, M had grabbed a phone and had already dialed 111, we all ran back up to M and B’s room and locked the door.
Down stairs we heard glass shatter and a set of footsteps up the stairs, they stopped outside the door and everything went silent. We sat there waiting, praying for the police to come and before we could hear police sirens and also footsteps running away from the door.

We told the police everything and they went to search the creepy house which we had rang earlier, apparently the old man tried to stab a police officer when they entered the house the police officers had said that he had a butcher knife on him when he broke into M’s house.

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