skinwalker or wendigo sighting

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I’ve always been the paranoid type, if I heard a noise in the dark id jump to the conclusion that it was something that was here to hurt me. but what I experienced on June 17th 2017 will never leave my memory. i’ve never done drugs or had any type of alcohol and continue to keep it that way but me and my 2 brothers and parents all decided to move away from our old town after my uncle had died just to start a new.

We had found a nice 5 bedroom house that would fit all of us, it was surrounded by woods and was always quiet the nearest neighbor was about 90 meters away, the second week of us moving me and my bigger brother Brandon decided to go to a creek that we had found the first day of us moving in, we followed the path that we had made from prior visits into these woods and reached the creek

It was a nice little creek occasionally you could see some fish swim by but not today, The creek didn’t seem right it was quiet no birds chirping nothing just the sound of the water calmly flowing, I could tell my brother was getting scared as was I so I suggested we leave but him the big brother who was never scared he said that we should stay a while but I sure as hell didn’t want too

It had been only a couple of minutes when we started so smell something awful imagine  rotten meat had been left out in the heat and sprayed by a skunk and you might have what it smelled like, we started to get sketched out and finally decided to leave we started to head down the trail when by brother stopped to pee he walked no more that 10 meters behind a bush to take care of his business when I heard a scratching sound behind me I turned to see what was making this strange noise and I was met with the most terrifying thing I had ever seen before.

A tall almost 10 foot figure stood behind a tree about 5 meters away from me, poking half of its body from the tree looking at me, it had pale white skin with patches of fur scattered over its body and larger antlers on a head that looked almost like a deer skull but the thing that scared me the most was it was whispering my name ‘justin’ it kept repeating my name I screamed louder than I’ve ever screamed before my brother ran to my side but when he seen the thing he just grabbed my arm and started running and we never looked back.

We slammed open the door to our house screaming and babbling our parents rushed over to us and asked what was wrong I was trying it explain what happened but I was no good and my brother was just quiet and was just staring out of the living room window, my parents checked what he was looking at and could finally figure out what happened instead of grabbing the shotgun we had next to the fire place my dad said to run to the car and we left as fast as we can.

Sense that encounter we had called the police and the didn’t seem like they thought we were crazy they actually believed us and did a scan of those woods but nothing was uncovered we never moved out of that house and Ive never even touched a tree belonging to those woods sense, I made friends at my new local a few months later and told them this story and the didn’t seem to have a clue about what it was until I asked my best friend Adam and he said one word “wendigo”

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[…] In June of 2017, a boy and his family moved to a new town and into a nice, five-bedroom house. The house was surrounded by woods and not too far in, there was a creek. After moving in, the boy and his older brother decided to go exploring. When they got to the creek, they felt that something was off. The only thing you could hear was the water. They could see no fish in the creek and they could hear no birds chirping. The boy said it had only been a couple of minutes before they began to smell something terrible. He said it smelled that ‘rotten meat.’ He said his older brother went a little farther in the woods to pee so he was left alone for a few minutes. That’s when he said he saw, “the most terrifying thing I had ever seen before.” He said he saw a ten-foot figure poking half of it’s body around a tree to look at him. It had pale skin with random patches of fur all over it’s body. It had a pair of large antlers on the top of a head that looked like some kind of skull. The looks of the thing were terrifying but that’s not what scared him the most. It was the fact that he could hear the thing whispering. It was saying his name. He said it kept whispering, ‘Justin. Justin. Justin.’ He screamed as loud as he could and his brother ran to his side. Once his brother took a look at the thing, he grabbed his brother’s arm and didn’t let go. They ran all the way back to their house, never looking back. A few months later Justin finally got the courage to bring up the story to some of his new buddies at school. He said most of them looked confused while he told them but one just stared… Read more »