Skinwalker on the Road

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By Adam

A few months ago I got married in Las Vegas. It was wonderful; our family and close friends came out for us and it was better than I could have hoped for. A question we got asked a lot, before and after the wedding, was what were going to do for a honeymoon.

Being that he and I are saving to move to a better living situation, we didnt have extra money to spend on a vacation. We had decided to have a road trip to the Grand Canyon and visit a few restaurants and bars featured on some of our favorite TV shows.

With the Grand Canyon portion of our trip done, we wanted to hit up a few other places on our list. We left for Pheonix late in the evening and my husband didn’t want to stop off at motel until we got there, so he drove down the dark and near empty highways.

At some point, I had fallen alseep, though not for lack of trying, but was woken up to my husband quietly, yet very nervously saying, “Baby, please baby, wake up.”

I asked him what was wrong and he said he thought he something off to the side of the road. He described it as a large hooded figure, at least 8 feet tall, dressed almost like a missionary from the old California mossions, but with sickly thin and long limbs, long black hair, and with a deer skull in place of a head. My husband being Native American and having geard several Skin Walker stories, was terrified.

I told him to calm down, maybe he was tired and that I should drive.

“No” he said. “We are not getting out of the car.”

Another hour had passed and I was drifting off again, until he shook my leg. “Look! There it is!” He pointed to the side od the highway, into the desert. I rubbed my eyes, and yes, there it was, just as he had decribed. It’s boney, skeletal hand reached out, almost beckoning, I tried to look away, but I just couldnt keep my eyes off of it. The deer skull’s mouth opened wide and I saw two yellow eyes shining bright. Suddenly my ears began to ring and stomach started to burn. My husband hit the gas and we sped down the highway, pushing 100 mph.

We made it to our destination eventually, having a wonderful road trip together. That thing though, we will never forget it.

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Nice story