skinwalker on the mexico border

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my name is colton and my ex boss recently shared with me a disturbing story of when he

was smuggling people in the US from Mexico on the california border lets just call him Jose

anyways he was a very seasoned smuggler who had made dozens of trips across the border

one particular trip he was only smuggling two men over crossing a shallow part of the


one man became extremly exhuasted  and had to be carried by my boss to the other

side the other followed closley behind mind you it was dark at around -3-4 am and when

they reached the banks of he river the man was nowhere to be seen after an hour and a

half or so of frantic looking the night was in its final stage before first daylight

he looked over his shoulder and ontop of a slope he saw a dark sillouette yet it had a

visibly pale face and red glowing eyes he said it shook him so bad he started to cry in

panic the other companion did not see it but said he could somehow even feel an evil

presence before Jose spoke a word today jose is in his mid 50’s and  a law biding citizen

very stern serious man what you’d call an OG and i have no doubt of his scencerity


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So does he think this creature was the missing second man or this creature took the missing second man? That would change anyone’s life around! He took it as what it was, a warning.