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I want to tell alittle about our trip and the location before I tell my story. There was 3 people that went on this hunting trip,so I’m not the only one to witness the horror for which I’m about to recite.

We where actually just scouting our we land, for the upcoming deer season.

We have a hundred acre plot of land in North Eastern Ohio. It’s a very rural area there might be maybe a couple hundred people in the town closest to our camp, mostly farm land and hunting cabins.

Just a rural area where lots of strange things happen,I’ve  slept in tents  before in the woods on our property and heard knocking sounds like someone or something was taking large branches and smacking them against trees. When we would try and sleep stick snapping sounds from all around, they would get closer and closer and right before they got to the tent they would sound like they where way off in the distance again.

It was very strange, Im the type of person that don’t believe something till I see it with my own 4 senses, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it.

Oh I seen it up close and skinwalker s or whatever this was, there real. If someone would of told me a skinwalker story before this I would of thought they where making it up. But after what happened to us Im a believer. My name’s wes, my dad was there his names Doug and my buddy that worked with us, Eddie. So it was the fall  in Ohio,it was still pretty warm during the day, alittle cool at night,  but it was rainy and gloomy the day I seen a skinwalker.

Typical Ohio weather, if you been you know what im  talking about anyway We spent all day scouting are hunting spots for our deer stands it was starting to get dark so we made our way back to the cabin.

When we got back we decided to light a fire and cook over the open fire, we made steaks and corn right on the fire. We ate, then just sat listening to the sounds of the Forest at night as we warmed next to the flickering camp fire.

Earlier in the day I found my old deer grunt, if u don’t know what that is it’s a deer call.

I wanted to see if it still worked because when they sit for along time the reeds tend to dry up and crack. I gave it a light blow and it made a sound like a deer that was in pain or on the verge of death, not quite the sound I expected it to make. It was really loud of course everything is loud in this area because it’s flat open land for 100 miles in all directions.

So I just kept blowing on it for alittle bit just fooling around. We all laughed at the sound it made, I was bored with it after afew minutes and I had to take a pee. We don’t have any indoor plumbing so any tree will do. I walked over behind the camp towards our pond and I turn back to look at the back of the camp.

When I started to turn I caught a glimpse of a deer on the right side of me.

At first I didn’t think anything of it, but as I thought about it for a second I found it very strange that a deer would come this close to our camp with us out laughing and carrying on.

I mean these deer don’t come close to people especially people making a bunch of noise. I looked over at it again and it was standing up on it’s hind legs mimicking the sound of the broken deer grunt.

It’s front legs where flailing all about, like it was flapping wings or something. The scariest part I could see it eyes, big black glossy eyes with blood dripping out of them. It scared me right down to the core of my being, I couldn’t even comprehend what my eyes where seeing. I’ve spent my whole life in the woods but never seen anything like this.

I didn’t even pee I made a b line back to the camp and got Eddie, my dad was in the camp, me and Eddie walked back over after I explained what I just witnessed.

He didn’t believe me he thought I was playing a joke on him.

We walked over so I could prove what I had just seen. We went over to where I was standing afew minutes before, where I’d just seen the most grotesque creature you ever could even imagine.

I took him over to where I stood before and pointed out where the thing was. It wasn’t there anymore, I felt like a fool and he began to make fun of me calling me names and laughing at me. I did feel foolish, just then we heard that Aerie grunting noise but I wasn’t the one making it, he said quit fooling around wheres the grunt at.

I said that wasn’t me, he didn’t believe me till a loud snapping sound echoing through the woods on our left. We both turned towards where the sound originated, there it is as I pointed to it, it repeated what I just said, there it is, there it is, like a parrot trained to talk, but it was like it was in slow motion, like the creature was just figuring out how to speak.

Then it started to laugh like Eddie’s laugh but it would go from high pitch  to almost a growling like noise.

It began smelling the air and blowing with a swoosh sound like it liked are scent or something. It began moving to the right and then would quickly go back to the left, like it was an excited dog chasing it own tail. It looked very strange to see a deer on it’s hind legs moving with robot like movements, it was like when baby’s are first born and they can’t control there body yet  and  there arms and legs just twitch.

It looked like it had no control over it’s body.

I was stuck right where I stood, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Eddie screamed wtf  and it mimicked him, when it’s mouth would open it would split blood everywhere and it’s breathing became very heavy like there was blood in it’s lungs.

It began saying would u like some more over and over again, it must of heard me say that earlier when we were eating. How long was this thing watching us, I finally snapped out of the shock I was in and realized it’s time to run away now.

We both made 180 degree turn and headed straight for the door of the cabin almost tripping over each other to get in the door. When I told my dad what we seen, he didn’t believe us.

He calmed us down and we settled in the cabin for the night we weren’t going back outside that’s for sure. After we shut all the lights off and layed in our beds, it was quiet for awhile then we heard tapping sounds like hooves walking across the porch.

Then the silence was broke when we heard don’t you want some more in a demonic sounding voice.

My dad jumped up a flipped on the light on the porch and we could hear it running across the deck clicking and clacking very quickly as it ran into the woods.

My dad stood there would a blank look on his face not saying a word. I said what, did you see it I asked?

He was just silent for afew more seconds.

Then he said what the hell was that, it look like a person cut open a deer and was wearing the skin and head over there body like a sick Halloween costume. It was a bloody deer walking on it’s hind legs and it looked like it was split down the back.

He got his shotgun and shoes on and we followed, we went on the porch and we could see bloody deer prints going from one side to the other.

We shined the flashlight over in the woods and we didn’t see anything. We went back inside and layed back down in our beds, we didn’t see it again for the rest of our trip.

I still Camp at our cabin all the time and I’ve never seen the skinwalker again. Any time I go in the woods I carry my gun but how do you kill something that looks already dead. Just a warning to people who live in rural areas watch your backs when your out in the Forest or camping you never know what you might see.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

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