Skinwalker from Hell

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A little background on things before I start I’m 14 and not a lot of things scare me and I hunt and fish a lot I live not to far from a big native reserve
When I’m not doing helping around town and fishing and hunting I’m partying with friends near or in the woods

I was walking down a path with friend he’s one half Native American and he didn’t scare easy either his name is Sam . We were walking down the trail until Sam starting smelling something then I did too it smelled like rotten meat with the smell of something dead but we shrugged it off as a dead animal that some hunter never took. We kept walking we talked about how we got bullied at school. Until we see a dear looking dead at us as if we shot its baby it walked off after Sam through a rock at it. We walked until we came across a pond with the same dear in it dead wounds still fresh.

Sam grabbed my arm and pointed near a tree and said Cody look it’s another deer. I looked all I could see was its antlers then we smelt something like burning fur and dead animals. It walked out from the big tree it wasn’t a deer looked like one. it but with a human face and claws and towerd over me I’m 6’10 its arms were skinny and bloody its legs were covered in mud and blood. As it got still we heard run. It was disturbed and distorted. The thing howled it sound like a wolf and some my buddy’s when we hung out near the tree line but sounded like it came from the devil himself. I grabbed Sam’s arm and screemed go. We ran as fast as we could we could hear it run behind us.

It screemed RUN RUN we finally reach the tree line we were a foot away and it stopped and said I’ll see u again soon.

I would be lying if said things got better it didn’t but that’s a story for another day

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wtf this is from scp continment breach


the pic is from scp containment breach