Skinwalker Encounter?

Hi, first off, I want to say I am a female. I live in a small town in the Midwest, where nothing terrifying, usually happens. Except for the occasional drunk people breaking into houses. But what I am about to tell you, still terrifies me to this day.

When I was in the 5th grade, I had to get up early, in order to catch the bus. So, I’d have to walk to my bus stop at about 6:45 am. Anyways, when this story took place, it was dark, but light enough to the point I could still see around me. Anyways, I said my goodbyes to my family, and I walked out the door.

I forgot to mention, I have to walk about a half of a mile to reach my bus stop. Anyways, as I was walking, I heard a quick shuffle in the woods. Nothing to noticeable, just a few leaves crunching beneath, well what I thought was a Deers foot.

I kept hearing it, so I stopped. I really wanted to see what I thought was a deer. I stopped to get a closer look.

As I turned around, I was frozen in fear. I saw this huge dog. At the moment, I thought I crossed paths with a wolf. But, soon after this, I realized, this wasn’t a wolf. The creature was missing most of its fur. It’s face was strange.

But the eyes.

Those eyes still haunt me to this day. But suddenly, The creature stood up on its hind legs, and ran into the woods. Now, this was very unnatural. And the speed. the speed it ran was unlike anything I have ever saw. I was scared shitless. I had no idea what I had just saw. I still don’t know to this day. But I have a few thoughts. It could possibly be a very strange wolf.

Or it would be, a skinwalker. If you guys have any thoughts on what this could be, please comment down below. Thanks for taking the time to listen guys.

37 thoughts on “Skinwalker Encounter?

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  18. Hi there I just read your story, and could definitely say that it could’ve been a skin walker from native American folklore. these creatures take form of animals from wearing the skin and go after people that the want to seek fear from or usually someone can send one after you. its pretty crazy stuff though. just be sure to stay safe and always beware of your surroundings.

  19. I don’t know what you came across but what I do know, it was interested in you and that should scare you. Based upon all the stories I’ve heard, this thing isn’t nice or friendly. Watch yourself, keep some form of protection on you (ie: bear spray, pepper spray, knife, small pipe, club etc.) and if it starts to talk, don’t listen, don’t respond – just get away!! From what I’ve heard it goes after the weak, the loner, the last in a group. It learns what it can, hunts you intelligently and when it feels confident, it strikes by trying to lure you away. It even finds out where you live! Beware.

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