The skinwalker of beaver creek hill.

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I know this seems kinda far from the truth, but I want to share this with the rest of you by the way my fingers kinda have a tick so bare with me.

Years ago, when I was 7 I used to live on this hill with my family at a place called “beaver creek” and our house basically had a desert behind it, and a broken down car in it. A few weeks prior me and a cousin who ill name Ben, Ben and i were adventuring and we ended up at the busted down car.

We were checking it out when I noticed these “prints” I say prints like hoof prints in the ground I tell Ben and he shakes it off and says “maybe a deer got up here somehow”. I believe him and we leave, a few days pass by and I couldn’t shake this feeling of being watched and scared constantly.

One day me and my big brother who at the time was ten, were playing outside and he called me over by saying “hey bro come here” and we continued playing, afterwards we went inside to eat and get ready for bed. A few hours later I woke up having that feeling of being watched, so I looked at the window and saw the curtains were open so I got up to close them and open the window.

After opening said window I got a whiff of a smell I can only imagine as death, I looked at the car for some reason and saw “it”. It had the legs and the head of a deer, arms of a man but really skinny with long claws for fingers. Its eyes were deep in its skull and it was wearing a pelt around its waist, it was looking dead in my ddirection I closed the window and curtains and ran to my bed and hid under the covers. I sat there crying hoping I was gonna wake up from this nightmare.

I then heard it tapping on my window which was 10 feet above the ground, and repeating what my brother said that day in a deep, wrong voice “h-hey bro c-come here” and I just sat there crying even harder until I finally…..fell asleep.

The next day I checked where the thing was standing and there they were, the same hoofprints right there. Years later I told my brother and he said all he heard was me crying across the hall. A week after I told my brother the encounter around 2 a.m I heard a distant screech and I was sure it wasn’t no dream

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