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Well damn, looks like one of my stories actually made it to a video, honestly didn’t expect much since I’m not the greatest at suspense per say but he changed it up to make it a little scarier i guess. Didn’t sound much like my personality though. Anyhoot old darkness is still looking for campfire stories and i got the feeling that campfire stories should really be stories that keep you on edge while you are out at night. I got a story for that. Lot weird things call my woods home and this one is one that really worries me sometimes.

I understand that skin walkers are a common topic on this channel from what i can tell and i think that’s the creature I’m dealing with. But i could also be wrong, because if this is a skin walker it’s advanced to another level. Not only does it imitate voice. It imitates appearance. And it really wants me dead or gone.

I like to call it skinny, i think it pisses him off though. And when i say his name i say it loud because especially at night, i know he’s listening. I’ve lived here for three years now and he’s been harassing me for about a year now. And he’s good. One of the smartest things to come after me so far. And the only one that can seem to almost get in my head. He tries to lure me out not by pretending to be someone or someone in trouble like other imitators that I’ve dealt with before. He’s aware that that stuff doesn’t work on me anymore. No he tries to piss me off. He wants me to try to kill him. The problem is we both know i probably can’t.

One time he got me though, i was watching a documentary about veteran suicide. It’s a terrible topic. I’m a supporter of our armed forces, and i think it’s terrible that our government doesn’t take better care of the vets that risk everything overseas so we don’t have to. They were doing a slide show of men how had unfortunately lost the struggle with their own demons. I had to look away for a second because this one guy that appeared on the screen looked to young and happy to have gone to this dark of a place. He was mixed race from what i could tell, Athletic looking, and had a big dimpled smile on his face. When i look away, I’m suddenly looking at the same kid… outside my window. Same smile. Same build. Same uniform. One difference. Across his forehead was the word “Failure”. I instantly knew it was skinny. He wasn’t trying to imitate this kid, he was insulting him. And he finally struck a nerve. I had seen him imitate so many other things, and try so many other tactics, but this was the one that finally broke me. I was ending this creature.

I exploded out of my chair and bolted for my bedroom. Grabbed my 45 caliber handgun and proceeded to walk towards the same window the young soldier was still staring through. I got within five feet and saw that the word had changed. That now spelled out “i deserved it” after reading this, i didn’t hesitate to raise my gun and fire two shots. But i think he ducked them. Bastard is fast.
I stormed outside to try to find him but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

That’s when i hear, “gotcha” whispered into my ear and i was flung against the wall of my house. The gun flew out of my hand in the process. Broke two ribs and dislocated my right shoulder. I was a dead man. And he knew it.

Ever since the incident that lead me to buy a house by myself out in the middle of the woods happened, I don’t think I’ve ever felt fear again. Something is wrong with my head. But i did feel defeat. I fell for his trap. And now he’s going to kill me. As these thoughts passed though my brain, i passed out from the pain. And the concussion probably. Then, for some reason that i still don’t understand, i woke up. It was bright outside and i was covered in blood and in more pain than i had ever been in in my entire life. But i was alive. Why was i alive? I struggled to stand up with my right arm hanging loosely at my side. And i soon noticed the words carved into the outside wall of my house. “Next time”. Fuck skinny.

Ever since i got back from the hospital (i told the doctors i fell off of a roof) I’ve been trying to find ways to deal with, or kill a skin walker, if there is a way, or if he’s even a skin walker. He beat me. I’m usually pretty lighthearted with most of my experiences no matter how intense they are. But i just can’t with this one because if i lose to skinny again. I guess the woodsman will be signing off for good. Be careful out there. And don’t be fooled like me. There isn’t always a next time.

Woodsman signing off.

Ps, sorry darkness. I don’t know if this counts as a campfire story, but i had to talk about skinny, he may be the one to end me so i have to make his presence known. And i appreciate this platform. I’m not the best at putting my experiences to words but it’s still relieving to have a place to vent. And maybe even be heard. And if you have ANY sources or contacts pertaining to helping me kill skinny. Tell me. Going to see a witch doctor soon, the lady in the tree was my best bet but she won’t talk to me anymore. Maybe I’ll tell you about her sometime.

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