Skinless deer

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So honestly i wasnt going to post this but it is the only unexplainable thing thats ever happen to me… It happend The summer of 2012.

To start let me say i love scary stories, listening to them as i fall asleep like many of us do. My significant other and i are eccentric to say the least. we love nothing more than finding abandoned barns and farms and camping in them. Out in the woods we never lose a wink of sleep and as hunters/ taxidermist both of us have a vast knowleage in our local fauna. I should add that nither of us believe in the paranormal even after this sighting we still very skeptical.

One of our favorite hobbies is driving in the late hours of the night when nocturnal animal activity is at its peak. We scout the dirt roads that cross our delta. You can drive for over 50 miles in any direction and only ever see the occasional farm or mabe some small game. That is fun for us exploring the night just the two of us and the dirt roads.

It was around 1 am, we had our eyes fixed on the road, keeping a keen eye out for any eye shine of the typical possum or skunk. Suddenly we see the eyes we are looking for! Instantly i start to slow down, getting ready to stop and observe the critter as we do with all creatures we see at night but as we near it something is odd, the eyes are much higher than usual. My head lights begin to cut through the darkness revealing the ‘animal’. Its walking on the pasenger side of the road, towards our car, slowly. Completely unfazed by us determinded to contenue walking foward. As we get within a few car lengths all the details revel themselves. It had some of the the usual attributes of a deer or a goat, but it was slender. Almost too skinny like it was malnutritioned. It was taller than a coyote or a dog. Its feet came to points not paws. It had a small opening for a mouth. But there was things wrong about this creature, very wrong. It was fleshy and pink and had no ears at all. It never blinked or even looked at us. Its snout was shorter than normal, giving it a much more rounded semi human shaped face. I heard my self say loudly, “Whoa, the hell…?” As we began to pass it my significant other turned his entire body to follow it. Keeping is eyes locked on the strange thing. Noticing that he has also seen it, i responded quickly, “You saw that too?! Lets check it out!”  We had only made it a few car lengths past the animal and i could see it in my rearview mirror.  i quickly flip the car around and race us to the spot we had just seen it.

We jump out flashlights already in hand, like i said we look for game at night often and have our night kit already to go to observe animals. We just didnt expect to see anything like this. No one ever does i guess.  We both are brazen and have always joked that if we ever did see anything unexplainable like big foot or the lockness monster, that we would track it down to discover what it truly was.

We quietly comb the very last spot we see the thing and despite both of us coming from hunting backgrounds, we can not find any trace of any animal being on or near the road. We stand silently listening for it and hear nothing, it had vanished into the night. “What did you see?” I asked my significant other. “I guess it was a deer but it looked… Like it had no skin” he answered. “Thats what i saw too, mabe it was hit by a car?” I said trying to piece together what it could have been. “Or i guess we just saw the chupracbra!” He joked as we got back into the car and contenued on our adventure.

We still drive by that spot a couple times a year. Everytime we do the topic of that night never fails to pop up. I still dont have a clue what it was but after hearing similar stories of similar monsters a part of me is weary when we go out exploring. I dont really want to believe that i saw something paranormal but theirs no other explination at this time. Be careful out there, i guess you just never know.


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