Skin walker

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Just sharing my quick story. I had ZERO idea what I had seen until listening to some of your stories. I lived in a small farming village of about 300 for a few years. The area was rather close to the largest Adena burial mounds in my state. I had been living in our house for about a year now and had recently gotten a dog who was training to be my service dog because I have multiple sclerosis and have severe balance issues. Well about 3 months after getting him it was around 2 am in the morning and I was in the kitchen getting a drink.I heard my dog outside barking! It was not uncommon for this to happen as I work night shift from home and would let him out to potty on a lead. The thing is I did not recall taking him outside. So I brushed it off as an m/s memory lapse. I went out to get him and he was at the base of our 25 ft wheelchair ramp and refusing to come inside. That is a strange thing because he was doing GREAT in his training and knew to come when called asap because it was needed. I remember getting frustrated with him as this is very out of character. The light from our solar spot light was dim and I looked at my dog. Something was off about his appearance. His hind legs suddenly seemed taller than his back legs and I noticed I couldn’t see his normally fluffy tail wagging (it never stops wagging). He stood there barking at me and his bark sounded off. It sounded almost as if someone (a human) was trying to imitate a dog bark. It was a good imitation but it was not a dog bark. I figured all of this was just due to my tired state and the lack of caffeine in my system. I started to slowly walk down the ramp when suddenly I heard my dog behind me. Clawing at the back door trying to get out. He was snarling. I had never heard him snarl and have not since hear this from him. It was then I realized something was wrong and I went inside and locked the door. I honestly thought I was just beyond the point of exhaustion however the hair on his back was standing up straight. Ever see a long haired golden retriever have hair standing on end? He looked scary even to me his handler. I went to my computer after this and logged out and went to bed. I just could not deal with this. The entire night my dog laid on my feet on the bed not moving.

It was not until I listened to a few of your native legends that I realized I was not crazy. I finally broke down and told my husband of the occurrence and the first thing he said to me is “That was a skin walker!”. My husband is Native American and grew up hearing stories about things that go bump in the night.

Scares me to think about it even to this day!

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