Skin walker in my dream

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This is a short story but it’s 100 percent true. I’m a 15 year old male who lives 2 hours from the wendigo capital of the world, Kenora ontario.

This was a dream that would lead to real events and in my dream me and my father brought home a deer but as soon as we killed it and brought it home to clean it, it had disappeared. All we found were the front hooves covered in blood on the ground.

Skip to a couple months later I went hunting with my dad on our property far from  our town. It was about 6 in the morning and freezing, I’ve never been so cold in my life. I was to cold and trying to worry about stay warm, I didn’t realize the Forrest was dead silent which was weird because it’s usually full of sounds of cows mooing. But not a single sound. OK so this is how we were set up me and my dad were in 2 different tree stands about 10 feet apart and we cleared a little trail so we could see the little patch of tall grass where we put crushed seeds and sugar because that’s what drawings in the big bucks.

After 2 hours of no action my dad managed to fall asleep while I sat waiting for anything but I started to hear the very faint sound of leaves get crushed but something that slowly got louder. I could start to see a little bit of movment in the tall grass and when my eyes focused in I saw a huge male whitetail deer eating the seeds I made movement to get my gun in position while my dad was still asleep. I reached in my pocket as quiet as I could to grab a bullet and managed to get it it the chamber without making a sound. As soon as I put the bullet I looked through the barrel at the deer and it was looking at me now I knew I had to make thends shot before it ran but I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. And the most horrifying thing happened next, it stood up on 2 legs. Now that I saw it’s full body I could see it better and it didn’t even look like a deer, more like a man with a deers legs and head but one thing I noticed about its legs that the front legs had hands all bloody and looking like it’s hooves were ripped off. It stared for about 30 seconds and then ran towards me and nd underneath the free stand and out of sight.

I sat in the cold silence until I could hear the sounds of the cows and birds and wind again. I woke up my dad and told him we need to leave there’s nothing here. We packed up and didn’t left. I still come out to the property every once and a while but whenever I do I bring my gun. If anyone knows what this is please help.

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