Skin walker in my backyard

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My name is Dominic and this happened to me when I was twelve, I lived in a apartment complex and behind it was a big patch of woods.

Before I tell you what happened I need to give a layout of our apartment, our apartment was upstairs and behind it were some steps that lead to the woods, and I had the room right next to those steps. This incident changed my view of the woods forever, it all happened one warm Saturday evening.

I was in my room watching DBZ, my Mom was at work and wouldn’t be home until five the next morning.

No matter what season it was I always kept the window open, around 1:30 am I woke up to a smell I can only describe as decaying flesh. It hit my nose hard like brick wall, I was about to go close my window when a sound stopped me in my tracks. It was a voice, my mom’s voice coming from the woods and it was calling my name.

But something about the pitch was wrong, it a deep undertone to it.

It said “Dominic come here, I need your help” tears weld up in my eyes, I crawled over to my window and slammed it shut. I slowly peered into the window and just beyond the trees I saw what looked like glowing yellow eyes starring right at me, it’s been years since it happened and recently searched online what that thing could’ve been and…

I think it was a skin walker.

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WTF! That would have scared the living crap out of me. I’m so glad you were smart enough to slam the window shut, to listen to your gut instincts because if you hadn’t, you might not be telling us this story. I hope you’ve moved somewhere with a bigger surrounding population and less woods.