Skin walker hunting.

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Hello my name is James. I was 14 when I saw this.  I was allways an outdoorsy type of kid I used to grab one of my guns and go out into the woods 200yards behind my house and shoot at anything that moved or I would go hunting.  One day on a October morning I thought it was a good idea to go squirrel hunting, I grabbed my 12Gauge shotgun and a box of shells then I got all my heavy camo on and my gloves and facemask. I went out after telling my mom I was going to a friend’s house I set put on my hunt.

I went out a I walked for a good 2hours I saw nothing for my entire walk to my old shelter I made when I was younger which is weird because around my house squirrels are allways out this time of year.  I walked for 30 minutes more before I got weird feeling I was being watched.

I thought it was a wolf or something so I readyed my shotgun and pumped a she’ll into the chamber.  I wanted to think I was the meanest thing in those woods at the time, untill I heard the most ear splitting shreak I’ve ever heard in my life it was a distance away from me but it still put me on edge.  I calmed myself down and gave a quick prayer. I became calm and continued to walk down the trail.  It was getting dark and I had shot a few squirrels, thats what I think a tracked it to me.

I was walking to the shelter I had made and thot to myself I’ll just spend the night in my old hut. It was the dumbest decision I’ve ever made. I woke up to the sound of running around me, I opened the door to the hut and saw a Herd of deer running around me.  I thought it was strange because there was nothing around to spook them, that’s when I heard it.  Another ear splitting shreak but it was close.  I then saw a tall lanky humanoid figure jump from out of a tree onto a deer and break it’s neck.  I choked down a scream as I watched it tear the skin off the deer.  I slamed the door to my hut and put the pad lock on the door, I loaded my shotgun and waited.

I sat and hurd heavy foot steps come close the the hut, I heard scratching at the hut.  Then it all went quiet.   Then a crash through the roof of the hut. It had broke in to kill me.  I screamed and fired, I hit it, sending it of its feet.

I loaded my gun and ran as fast as I could being the dumb country boy I am I didn’t think to stay in my shelter. I got back to my house in 45minutes of sprinting. I broke through the door and slamed it shut. My mom came into the living room and with the most worried voice I’ve ever heard her in she asked me what was wrong.  I told her everything, I collapsed onto the floor crying.  She told me to go to bed and that it wouldn’t have followed me to the house.

I’ve never seen it or heard it again thanks to god.  I tell this so others don’t make the same mistake I made, and to stay in your shelter. But even today I sometimes think I can see it in the darkness of the woods.

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