Sketchy Under Cover Police Men

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one night, my friend invited me to a sleepover with another one of our friends. there are 3 boys in this story, me, Jacob, the host of the sleepover Nico, and our friend Mateo. we were 13 years old at the time and Nico wanted to go see a movie. we ended up going to see Jon Wick 1 at 12:00AM at night. the movie ended roughly at 2:30AM and we got back at 3AM. we were bored and had a lot of adrenaline from the movie so we decided to take off our shirts, (mind you it was the middle of Febuary and we live in Canada).

and we longboarded up and down the street that Nico lived on. once we did that 2 or 3 times we finally decided to go in and probably watch a movie, just to stay up all night. as we were about 15 second walk from the driveway of Nico’s house, Mateo stopped us and said “hey, look a car.. I think we should pick up the pase nobody usually drives at this time” so we started running this car was black, tinted wondows and blue headlights, the headlights were off until we started running, the head lights turned on but no sirens went off and he was atleast going 60km/h on a 10km/h block,

we didn’t know who it was or why they started speeding to us looking like he was gonna run us over, me being the bigger guy about 5’11” and 170 pounds was the last to get up the driveway.

I saw Nico and Mateo struggling to open the door I thought to my self “oh no, the door is locked and there are two guys coming” but it was the middle of Febuary and it was cold so I also thought that it could have been just frozen shut. as I was at the middle of the driveway now, 2 men dressed like homeless men stepped out and I turned and saw one put there hand in their coat reaching for what I thought was a gun at the time,

I didn’t see what he pulled out but when I got to the door I slammed it as hard as I could causing it to open and we closed it, and locked it as fast as we could, then ran upstairs to Nico’s moms room. balling our eyes out just thinking that we could’ve died. Nico’s mom went downstairs as the 2 men were still trying to get in, she opened the door and the two men screamed at her saying, “there are 3 boys who just broken into your house move lady” Nico;s mom then responded with “no, one of them is my son and he’s having a sleep over with two other boys”. her and the guys just stood there talking it out, when the men left Mateo, being the smartest of the group and dad being a cop said “hey, wait up!” the men came back and Mateo said, “whats your name and badge number”

they looked at eachother, paused and said, “listen that’s not important kid, go enjoy your sleepover” which got us frightened, Mateo chased them out and said “show me, now” and they both did, he took down the badge numbers on his phone and sent it to his dad. I checked my phone completely forgetting that I recorded the whole incident because I had a stupid little youtube channel that I posted little silly videos here and there.

so when I saw them on my camera roll I showed Nico and Mateo and we just laughed about it for the remainder of the night. 1 week later Mateo texted us saying that his dad looked up the badge numbers, and no one came up…. this freaked me out knowing that those two men weren’t really inder cover cops, and if I couldn’t have broken that door in, what could have happened to us……

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