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This is an entry about a trip I took in February this year, I would not write about a minor trip and can tell you my experiences were nothing less than completely bizarre.

Are mother is single and usually can not afford to take us on expensive vacations frequently. She is hardworking but wanted to find something that comfortable but not to costly. It took about an hour of browsing through TripAdvisor before she found something that fit our needs. Me and my brother were relatively low maintenance and were just happy to be going anywhere, are mother was very excited, much more than usual!

A week later we got on a spirit airlines plane trip, the hotel was called “el sol”, Spanish for “the sun”. We were flying from Maine and the hotel was in northern mexico so the flight was several hours long. In the middle of the flight I unbuckled my seat belt and walked to the bathroom in the back. As I  walked into the back area I saw a short man standing motionlessly. I thought he was waiting but realized there was nobody in the bathroom, what was he waiting for? ” Sir, its empty.” I told him but he only flashed a light smile. After the most awkward 10 seconds of my life I ignored him and walked in.

After we landed we took a 10 minute cab ride to the hotel. The place was a cozy resort with a southeastern american feel. Our mom checked us in and the lady running the desk slipped her a bronze key. The room was small, it had a bathroom, a fuzzy couch and two humble beds. It also had an impressive TV set.

Sense it was very hot I decided to go to the beach. Mom was pleased about the idea and ushered my brother to go, he was a nervous 14 year old but eventually agreed. The beach was very nice and we played for a while as it started to get dark I noticed a small cove near the beach. We still had a bit of time left and it seemed very peaceful, my brother told me not to but I thought it was just him being shy and reassured him it was safe, he was a bit dependent on me cooled down.

The water was very blue and had a naturally calm look. Me and brother started to splash each other, we were both having fun so I started to splash harder. A good portion of water was sprayed into the bushes only 30 feet away from where we were in the cove. After the water landed I remember hearing coughing from in the bushes, I jumped up after I heard and whispered to my brother, I could see his smile start to drop.  30 seconds later I started to hear distinct rustling in the bushes which slowly elevated in loudness. I thought it might have been a coyote but there was a very small population in this area, I agreed with that possibility but shouted “Is someone there?” to be sure. I was answered with a stuttered “Yes.”. I froze for a second but saw a tall man stand up from within the bushes, he smiled while starting to march clumsily towards us.

I grabbed my brothers wrist tightly and dragged him through water. We were climbing up a bank of sand when he leaped into the water. We sprinted quickly away from the beach and to doors to the hotel. We swung open the doors and sprinted to the lobby. ” Whats wrong?” the lady at the desk shouted. ” We just… accidentally stayed to late.” I lied while entering the elevator. I told my mom what happened and realized he was the man from on the plane. She checked out early the next mourning and we don’t plan on going back.




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