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This happened over the most recent summer, during 2017. I had just passed my Sophomore year of high school by a hair, and I was now free enough to get work. I was sixteen, so I was feeling confident that I would be hired somewhere, and I needed the money if I was going to start saving for college. I also had a YouTube channel (and still do) but I wasn’t making enough to support myself, or pay for my tuition.

Despite all of the jobs I applied for at various businesses, I was turned down by every single one of them, and I was beginning to become desperate. Summer was nearly halfway over, and if I didn’t make money now, I wouldn’t have time to work during the school year. I eventually was forced to cave, and resort to taking a job as a babysitter, which I’d been warned to never do. My mother had once been a babysitter, and she says that to this day, it was the worst job she’s ever had.

Mom told her friend from work, who we’ll call Charlene, so that her name remains anonymous, that I was looking for work as a babysitter, because Charlene had always been complaining that she can never find a cheap enough sitter to watch her son, who we’ll call Joey. I didn’t like settling for cheap pay, but I realized if I charged as much as the professionals, there would have been no point in hiring me, which was why I settled for three dollars an hour.

The following evening would be my first night watching Joey. Charlene was having to work the late shift, and she wouldn’t be home until nearly 2:30 AM. I was willing to stay up until then, and even brought over a book to keep entertained. I was in the middle of Star Wars: Aftermath, and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get it done. Charlene told me to have Joey to bed by 10:30, to help myself to anything in the fridge, and that Joey and I could basically do whatever we wanted as long as we were in the house by 9:00. I wasn’t sure why, but she drastically stressed to me that Joey wasn’t to be out after 9.

After that she left, and Joey and I were left alone. We decided to play board games for a couple of hours, and then, after heating up the leftover pizza in the refrigerator, we sat in front of the TV and watched Spongebob for the rest of the night. At 10:00, I told a reluctant Joey that it was time for bed, so he brushed his teeth, got in his pajamas and went into his room.

After he went to bed, I read a few chapters of my book, and then turned on the TV to watch some Tonight Shows. At around midnight, I went to check on Joey. I wanted to make sure he’d really gone to sleep, because I was sure his mom would be mad if she came home in the middle of the night and her son was still awake. But when I went to turn the knob, it was locked.

I wasn’t sure if Joey was allowed to lock himself in his room, but I didn’t want to ask him, and risk waking him up if he was asleep, and I didn’t want to be that babysitter who panders the parents with questions while they’re out, so I didn’t want to bother Charlene while at work, even though she told me to call her if there was any issue. I decided to just leave it the way it was, and if Charlene asked me why his door was locked, I would pretend to have no idea what she was talking about.

I went back to the living room to continue watching my shows, and about a half hour later, I heard the most piercing sound reach my ears. I swear, my eardrums might have bled. It came from Joey’s room. More specifically, it came from Joey. He was screaming at the top of his lungs in the most high-pitched screech, and it caught me completely off guard. I nearly toppled over on the couch.

The screaming became louder, and it wouldn’t stop, and I ran for his room, trying with all of my might to get in. The door was still locked, and what was worse: it was now scorching. It branded my hand, seething my palm the moment I touched it, and I yanked it back. I began pounding on the door, telling Joey to let me in, but I was sure he had no control over this situation. His scream intensified, and I began to grow more and more worried. What was happening in there?

I began kicking at the door, and when it wouldn’t budge, I went all the way down to the end of the hallway, and bolted toward the door, gathering all of my strength. I slammed my shoulder into the door, and with the combination of force between my weight and my strength, I knocked the door off of its hinges. I fell to the floor, but was instantly back to my feet, and what I saw the moment I looked at the bed sent chills down my spine.

Hovering over Joey, who was no longer screaming, but was now crying, was an entity of pure evil. It was all black, with no face, but I could tell it looked at me by the way its-I don’t want to necessarily call it a head, but its head-churned in my direction. It wasn’t really a tangible thing, more like a shadow, and I could feel its darkness split open my soul. It pointed at me, to my own horror, and then zoomed in my direction, going directly through me and hurrying out into the dark hallway.

When it went through me, it was the first time in my life I felt so empty, as if all of my life had just been drained from my body, and I dropped to my knees. Joey was still crying, but he seemed to take comfort in my presence. We just stared at each other for a moment, before I pulled out my phone and called the police, and then Charlene. The cops asked us a bunch of questions, but Joey refused to speak, and I was forced to tell them everything, although I was sure they didn’t believe me. They left before Charlene even showed up, because she and my mom worked at a brewery way far out from civilization.

When Charlene arrived, I told her everything that happened, and she seemed to already know everything I was going to say. I demanded to know what that thing was, but she instead rushed me out of the house, and told me to never come back. To this day, months later, I still don’t know what it was I saw that night, and I hope I never see it again.

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