Shadow Dogs

By LadyNyx

This happened when I was sixteen. I lived in the middle of no where and the only real choices in entertainment were video games, or exploring the local woods. One day my friend Danielle and I decided to go explore the large patch of woods nearby after we had become bored of playing our favorite game on the game cube.

We decided to explore in a different direction than usual and we had been walking for about twenty minutes and had found some interesting things including a little stream that had crayfish in it. We were really excited about our new discoveries. I decided to climb up on a large rock that was sitting on a little hill and I noticed that there was a large tree standing in the distance.

It stood above all the others and from where I stood it looked like it had been burnt to charcoal. This was not something I had ever seen before and I thought it was strange and I wanted to check it out. I called my friend over and showed her the tree and told her that I wanted to go check it out. She looked very unsettled when I announced that I wanted to go look at it.

She said it was creepy and that it was far enough away that the sun would be starting to set when we got there. I told her that the tree was probably just struck by lighting at some point and said that it would be cool to see.

My friend decided to go along with me in the end and we set off in the direction we had seen the tree. We walked for about another twenty minutes and the closer to the tree we got the quieter it became. This made both my friend and I begin to get nervous we could tell something was not right and my friend began to plead with me to turn around, but even though I was nervous I was also curious.

After another few minutes of walking we reached the tree. It sat in the middle of an area where everything was dead.

And this area was a perfect circle. We walked around it looking. The sunset was tinting everything orange and it was completely silent and the air felt tense like the feeling when you are eagerly waiting for something. I decided I wanted to get a closer look at the tree that was about eight feet away from me in the center of the circle of dead vegetation.

I moved to step into the circle and my friend grabbed my arm and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I wanted to get a closer look. She shifted uncomfortably and said fine but do it quickly and lets go back. As soon as I stepped into the circle the hairs on the back of my arms stood on end. Still I stubbornly continued toward the blackened tree.

When I got withing three feet of the tree the growling began and these shadows oozed out of the gnarled roots of the tree and formed into large, five foot tall, greyhound shaped dogs that were made of nothing but the blackest shadows I have ever seen all except for their glowing lava colored eyes. Looking around I saw six of these creatures all snarling at me.

I backed up slowly the way I had come with the shadow dogs slowly stalking toward me. When I reached the edge of the circle my friend grabbed my arm and started running dragging me after her for a few seconds until my mind caught up and I started running too.

We ran back the way we came faster than I have ever gone before or since with the pack of shadow dogs snarling and snapping behind us. At one point I slipped and one of the dogs caught the edge of my t-shirt and tearing it.

They chased us all the way back to my friends house and after we had thrown ourselves in the door and locked it we then proceeded to make sure there we no open windows or any way for anything to get in the house. We were gasping for breath and covered in sweat and my friend started silently crying.

I walked slowly to the window that over looked her back yard and peaked out of the curtains and staring at me from the edge of her backyard was the back of shadow dogs. They started stalking forward and I quickly closed the curtain and we sat up almost all night listening to the occasional growling from just outside the house. The next morning we carefully looked outside to see if it was safe and thankfully the shadow dogs were gone.

We never went back to that part of the woods again especially after when we went outside with my friends mother later that day we found paw print tracks larger then my hands. We later told some friends at school what we had seen and they decided to go looking for what we had found.

Well from what they told us later they found it and they saw them too. Since that day these shadow dogs have been sighted all over that area.

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