Shadow Creature

By Scott D

This happened to me, and my sister a while back. I would say about earlier this year during summer. I’m 28, and my sister is 12. We used to play a game together called mobbles as we waited for Pokemon Go to come out.

We live in the southern part of New Hampshire. We would go out to a place called “Clark’s Pond”. A small pond in the woods where one set of trails was on one side of the road, while another set where across the road. We took the longer ones across the road. We were out playing the game catching creatures when it started getting dark.

We decided ok we had enough lets head back. As we headed back, we were walking down the path when a black humanoid figure came out from the woods ahead of us. Now i carried at the time one of those bright fishing lamps. The ones that take the big bulking 6 volt batteries. This thing was bright, and lit up the woods behind this “thing” yet not once did the light illuminate “it”. Suddenly a rush of fear ran over me, and my blood ran cold.

My sister grabbing my arm begged us to leave. So we took off in the other direction out of the woods. The entire time trying to keep her calm telling her it had to be one of the other hikers before us. Since there was a guy in a red truck who had entered just as we did. When we got back to my car.

That still hadn’t helped. As the truck was gone. There was no way if it was that guy from earlier. He would have gotten back to his truck before we got back to my car.

Fast forward a few months later. I worked as a delivery driver. I was up past the white mountains when i saw a creature sitting on the side of the road. It had bright Yellow eyes. First thinking logically i assumed it to be reflectors.

Till it looked at me, and stood up still slightly hunched over. This thing stood to be at least 4 feet tall, and with one quick movement took off into the woods. in a blink it was gone. Fast forward again about a month later, and 150 miles away. Came across the same type of creature. Thought it was a reflector till i drove closer this time it stood to be at least 5 feet tall.

It was poking out from behind a telephone pole. I saw its black hand move up the pole with long fingers. Then it slowly turned towards the woods, and again in a blink it was gone. All three times lights never illuminated the thing like they should have. As if it’s body was just one big black mass of nothing. I have changed jobs since then. Still a delivery driver at night, and to this day.

I constantly scan the woods as i drive down dark rural areas encase me, and my shadow friend ever meet again.

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