Security guard creepy story

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“The night I saw an unknown creature(Bigfoot?)”, I’m an unarmed security guard in the state of Utah, this experience took place about 1 month ago. I work graveyard shifts at a 14 building, 90 acre office park near forest and a very large mountain range(which will be relevant to the experience. To start off I would like to provide some details, on the very far west side of the property there is a line of trees and forest separating a neighborhood and the office parks property, and to the north of it is a bike trail with forest on both the east and west sides, at night the parking lots are very dark with street lights set up about 60 feet apart. that being said, it makes this forest area extremely dark during the night. Well one night I was out on my patrol and I was shining my flashlight into this thick wooded area, as I was scanning the tree line for any trespassers or teenagers having sex/smoking weed (i catch teens nearly every night) my light happened upon a set of blueish white eyes, I should note that this is a very popular place for deer to roam, at first I thought it was a deer(due to them being common) so I drove a little closer and discovered this thing was not a deer, it was crouched down almost in a kneeling position, then it stood up on two legs, This creature had to have been 8 feet tall with thick dark brown hair, it was not fur, it was hair and it had a deformed almost human like face, I could see a nose and massive jawline, it had massive shoulders and a very muscular build, I sat in my security car just staring in awe at what I was looking at, slightly curious and frozen with fear. After about 2 minutes of glaring at each other this thing let out the most bone chilling scream, then turned and ran off into the forest. I don’t know what I saw that night but ever since I’m very aware of my surroundings, I’m a true believer of the unknown and unexplained things in this world. This world is indeed a strange one.


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