Screaming in the Night

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By Dio23

This happened in 2011, I live in a beach town in Brazil, I was 18 at the time, and had spent most of my Saturday night at a friend’s house drinking beer and playing cards, since a major storm was raging on outside.

Keep in mind that the drinking age here is 18, but anyway, it was about 1am when I decided to go back home, my friend lives near the beach and I live more to the center of town, about 20 minutes on foot from her place, between our homes lies the biggest housing complex in town, famous for heavy drug trafficking, given the hour I decided to go through it, seems dumb at first but it is a lot safer, the drug dealers there won’t let anything happen to anyone inside or around the complex, since it would draw police attention and scare away their customers, so they have the most effective neighborhood watch in the world.

Most of the walk was uneventful, but when I was almost through the complex I saw about 3 or 4 people running desperately in my direction, panting and cussing, looking back as they got closed me I realized I knew them, they were drug dealers, some had guns in hand,

I immediately stopped, and they ran right past me, like they didn’t even realize I was there, that got me on edge, they were very tough guys, usually very calm and collected, what could possibly have scared 3 or 4 tough and armed drug dealers?

I instinctively hid close to the entrance to one of the buildings, looking around and listening for sirens or cops or gunshots, anything really, but everything went quiet, the only thing I heard was the wind and the heavy rain, and I couldn’t see too far ahead,

I picked up the pace and a block later I heard heavy footsteps in the rain, coming from an alley to my right,

I stopped again and looked, it was difficult to make out exactly what it was, given the dark and heavy rain but I saw a dark figure standing there, it was tall enough that its head reached the clotheslines on the first floor of the buildings, it took a few seconds to notice me, but when I saw its head turn in my direction I ran as fast as I could,

I heard a very loud scream behind me, it sounded like someone was torturing a pig, but lower pitched, however, it didn’t seem interested in chasing me, since I heard no foosteps, and when I looked back to check a few blocks later there was nothing there,

I avoided going through that complex since and I never saw that thing again, I hope I never do.

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