Scary Stranger in Wal-Mart

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This is a story from a couple weeks ago detailing my encounter with a really strange and scary individual.

Okay so some backstory. I’m a 20 year old male, relatively scrawny build, and moderately timid. I am an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart in a town in Missouri. I’ll leave the city name out for safety reasons. Okay, now for the story. So one night I’m working electronics, an area I might add that I absolutely hate working because we always get the crazier people back there at night, and I’m being bombarded with tons of shady customers and tons of people looking like they’re gonna steal merchandise (I should mention this is relatively normal during these hours).

Well the night proceeds like normal and nobody manages to steal anything that I know of and nobody causes a ruckus.

Well around I wanna say 11:15pm, I spot this one older guy (I wanna say in his mid to late 40s) in the aisle with the computer keyboards and he is doing these zombie-like movements and moving his jaw in weird ways and just doing a slow sway-like movement. I decide to ignore him because he looked like he was doing okay on his own (not to mention I was A bit put off by the way he looked and moved). A few minutes later I heard him banging a keeper box (a hard plastic case we put the more important electronics in) on the shelf, so I look into the aisle.

He stops, and hasn’t even noticed I was there. I couldn’t help but notice he kept sipping from a beat up monster energy can, which I could only assume was filled with booze or something given he was moving like he was drunk-well that or he was tweaking hard. Again I decide to ignore him and continue working.

Roughly 15 more minutes pass and he walks over to me and stares at me with his lifeless semi-bloodshot eyes fpr whay seemed like a few minutes but was probably only a few seconds and all he randomly says is “you got dat pornhub premium yah oh yah? Its good stuff” Which makes me feel uneasy and perturbed as hell, then he proceeds to try hacking into the Wal-Mart display computers by typing in Walmart as the password multiple times (I watched from behind another counter to make sure he didn’t actually get into the laptops hence me knowing what he typed). This continues for like 25 minutes until I go to break. I warn the person relieving me to keep an eye on him.

So I then rush to my break. I don’t know what he was on, or what was wrong with him, and I was told he was seen doing more crazy things around the store, but he never came back to electronics. Man did he give me the creeps.

Side Note: If you’re wondering why I didn’t contact my manager, I have tried alerting him to security issues and potential threats and the manager just ignores them each time. So the most I could hope for was the guy left. Which he did, and I am so glad nothing worse happened to me or the store.

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