Scary Sleepover Storie

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This story was about 2 years ago when i was 10, i am 12 now but i can still remember this like it was yesterday.

Me, My best friend Ruby and her big brother Angus, Were all home alone one night having a slepover. Rubys parents were not home because they were out on a dinner night so we were home alone until 12 at night. We were doing our normal stuff like posting musicallys, playing music and watching vines on the computers and our phone. We were all having the time of our lives until we heard a loud fire alarm go off. We had no idea where it came from since there were no cars in our front yard. But all of the blinds were closed so we couldnt see a thing outside. We dicided to call Rubys dad and mom informing them about the strange and unfimiliar car alarm coming from outside. They said it was probably the neighbors checking their car alarm.

But why at night?

We brushed it off in 20 minutes and continued doing our thing. About 15 minutes later, Ruby kept complaining about hearing twigs snaping and footsteps from outside. I didnt really care because there was alot of wind from outside and like her dad said, the neighbors were outside checking their car alarm. We calmed her down.I could say, the first 40 minutes of our home alone sleepover turned out “ok”. Time pasted of playing Xbox one and music when Angus had a terrified look on his face. He started tip toeing as quiet as possible to us. He whispered in a terrifying voice, “There is someone turning the front doorknob trying to break in.” Both me and Ruby froze when we heard this. I looked over to the front door and the doorknob was turning left to right for a good 20 seconds until it just stopped.

We called Rubys mom this time and she answered; thank god. We told her about the doorknob and she told us that we were fine and all of the doors were locked and the blinds were closed. She said to stay calm until they get back. We were still terrified but we decided to finally calm ourselves down. But, 10 minutes later the doorknob turning happened again, but not on the front door, on the backdoor this time. We quickly ran unstairs and Angus being the only brave one, took out his 2 foot long machete. We closed our bedroom door and locked it. We heard the backdoor open and footsteps coming upstairs.

Angus went out to check who the hell broke into our house at 10 at night. When we all glanced to see what was downstairs, their stood a 6 foot tall man dressed in all black staring right at us. we all ran to our room and locked the door shut. We called 911 and they said the police would be their in 5 minutes. When 5 minutes felt like an hour, the police arrived and we opened our door.

The man was gone.

The police came in and saw the horrifying looks on our faces. We also saw Rubys mom and dad standing with them as well. We told them everything and they searched the whole house and backyard but nothing was found. as far as i know, they never cought the man. everytime i go back to that place, i still image that the front doorknob will move any second. But that is just me being the horrified person i am.

I just hope this never happens again.


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