Scary Night Patrol

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I only recently asked him to tell it to me again. My uncle used to be a cop when I was younger, every so often he’d come over and tell my brother

something along the lines of “Hey guys, another baddie busted” or something like that. One Halloween my brother and I asked him if he had any “scary experiences as a cop” he looked at us with a kind of pale face and said “Yes, if you’d like to hear it I’ll tell you two, but promise you won’t tell your mum” we excitingly nodded and sat down near our fireplace.

One night (About 10PM) when I was rostered to work, I got a text from my boss saying my partner was very sick and would be off work for a while.

Until I could be assigned a temporary partner I would have to work alone, I didn’t mind this as it gave me some time to think, I got to work, clocked on, grabbed my gun and car keys and went out to the lot to hop into the patrol car. I noticed that the fuel gauge was pretty low so I just called my boss and said I’d fill it up later and asked to be reimbursed (This was pretty normal).

I went on my way to begin my patrol thinking in about an hour I’ll fill up, the patrol was completely normal for that hour but it was time to fill up so I pulled into the fuel station and started filling up the car.

As I was about half way done, I noticed a man dressed in ruggy clothes walking passed the station while whispering to himself, I couldn’t tell what exactly he was saying but it kinda crept me out, he hadn’t done anything wrong so I couldn’t just go and question him. I finished filling up, went inside and paid for the fuel.

Leaving the station I drove in the direction the man was walking just out of pure curiosity but I didn’t see him for like 2-3 kilometres. thinking he may have just wondered off into the bush, I started to put my mind at ease but right then I see him coming up in the headlights! this didn’t make any sense at all, how could’ve he had moved so far in only a few short minutes on foot?

From the time I saw him to when I left was only about 45 seconds or so there’s no way he could have moved that far so quickly! all of this was going through my head as I approached him but as I drove passed I looked out my left-hand side window to get a look at his face, oh god his face, it was white, like a bedsheet and his eyes were glassed over like a pair of clear marbles in his eye sockets.

His appearance shocked me so much I naturally looked in the rear view mirror and was horrified when I saw him running at full sprint nearly keeping up with my car which was going around 60 kmph ( or around 38 mph) I turned my lights on, slammed on the breaks, spun around with my gun discharged ready to get out of the car and, nothing, there was no one there.

Officially freaked out, I holstered my gun, turned the lights off and returned to my route. As you could imagine I never told anyone about this as everyone would just laugh To this day he has never found out what that was or any theories that made sense to him.

He works as a sparky now.

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