Scary College Experience

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Hey there, creatures of the  internets.

Ol’ mop has a spooky story for you to enjoy.

This delightful happening happened around  close to Halloween in 2005 or so. I remembered having a 2 day college class (they are the best, because they are free!)

and it was pretty neat, I was striving to be a game developer / Website Admin.

but that’s not important.  so around 5:00 pm on a Saturday I headed over to the community college I was attending.  I saw a receptionist and asked if there was a class going on, She told me I was welcomed to wait around if there was,  I didn’t mind waiting, I’m  a pretty good comic artist, after a few doodles i checked the class room to see if the class was going to start.  Oh how I Wish I hadn’t..

I felt something watching me on the other side of the door, there was no “ooga booga” monsters like a red -eyed wraith with claws that can kill you instantly.. None ‘a that.

Just a strong vibration i felt when i tired to open the class room.  When i did I think i heard someone say “Are you here for class?” Not in a hostile manner but in a sort of curious manner, I just nodded i could not talk because this.. Spirit or whatever it was  had me shaking in my boots.. (i mostly wear loafers, but that’s besides the point) The vibrations stopped and i just seen a door open by it’s self,  And i felt like i was being pushed out of the area,  with in a few seconds i found myself out in the lobby.  No real scary noises seemed to echo from the hallways, but I did get the feeling that the lobby wasn’t empty..

What is A young 23 year old ghost lover to do?   Run like hell! Before I ran i Thought it polite to tell the receptionist that i would be leaving, when i got to the front desk, The door leading to the office opened,  i was excepting it to yell at me in a foreign language or something or try to  pull me into  the room, nope… I just seen the outline of  something, looked like a security guard  I was about to apologize for lurking around the place but he just walked off ignoring me.

I don’t remember much after that but leaving and getting a can of tea after that.

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