Scary camp experience

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Last summer I attended a camp in Maine. Let’s call it “Lakeview Summer camp” for this story. This was my first year at Camp Lakeview and nothing extremely scary happened to me personally. The following story is about a counseler  who was in my cabin told by various other witnesses.

The counselor’s name was Andrew and was apparently from Florida. He seemed nice enough to me. He let me plug in my iPod in the outlet above my bed if he could use my fidget spinner. Then one day he was missing for quite a while.

Word started getting around the cabin that he had pushed one of the campers in our cabin onto a rock and was apparently in trouble. Things quieted down for another day until this same incidence happened with another camper in our cabin. This got him kicked out of the camp for good.

After he left, the following stories our councelors told us really creeped me out.

Apparently, he had been payin a little too much attention to the two boys that he pushed. This really distressed the boys and they still seemed a little cocky days after he left. One of them, a 14 year-old would NOT stop crying. And believe me when I say it is hard to make him cry. Our counselors also told us that he had touched and commented an innapropriate area on a female camper.

I am so glad that my relationship with him was passive and that I chose a bed on the as far away from him as possible under the most awesome councilor ever. Keep my fidget spinner. Andrew, I hope we never meet again.


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