Scarring Experience at the Riverwalk

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Hello Darkness, I am Silv. For reasons, I am not giving my name, instead I am using my gamer one. This story is pretty short, but has permanently damaged my mind. I’m constantly paranoid now and I hate being around large crowds of people I don’t know. Anyways, onto the story.

Some backstory. I have been exposed to … bad things as a young child, so I am not that much oblivious to the dangers of the world. But this night, I was still immature and just… stupid.

My Dad owns a company, and I was working with him that weekend, just navigation since we were in San Antonio, and not from that area.

He had promised to take me to the Riverwalk, after taking a shower.

We drove to the Riverwalk, and saw the Alamo, ya know touristic stuff. It was very beautiful, and I was amazed. We went down into the Riverwalk itself and ate a bit.

When we left, my Dad had forgotten his bag, so we turned around and made our way back. The scent of food, people, and sometimes even weed filled the air as we made out way back into the little somewhat underground area. It was getting darker now, but still a lot of people.

When we headed up the stairs to get back to the upper grounds, we passed a little ice cream shop.

I was telling my Dad about how I wanted to get my little sister something when a guy burst out of the door. We stopped and let the guy go on his way. The guy, obviously drunk, looked at me and then started walking ahead of us, fast.

I was dumb and didn’t notice anything wrong yet, though my Dad had pulled me closer to him, which was weird to me at the time.

We continued walking forwards, when I saw the guy stop ahead, and turn around. He was looking straight at me. The look… it scared me. My heart started to pound and the world was drowned out, besides the feeling of my Dad putting me on his other side, away from the other guy.

I casually glanced at the drunken man, only to see him looking back.

I was scared and even right now I’m slightly shook just thinking about it. As we got away from the man, my Dad turned to him and said.

“He was checking to see if you were alone, which is why I put you on my other side.”

He explained seriously. I just nodded, nervously laughing it off. Why did that man check to see if I was alone? Why did he look at me, a twelve year old girl, that way at all? I hate to think about it, what he could’ve done to me that night… or what he could’ve or had done to others..

Please, be aware of your surroundings. There are people in this world that can and will hurt you. Stay safe.

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