Scariest moment ever

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So im a 17 uear old female and get alot of attention.At the time of this i was 12 and remember it vividly.I was going to go out with my friends to a movie and somr lazer tag, but we couldnt do that because there were to many of us. So we judt decided to sleep over at my friend Elizabeth’s house. At the time we hated one specific girl, but we all got along fine.Her name is Rylee.Once we all got done packing for the sleepover we went to her house. Once we got there, Elizabeth’s dad was drinking and so was her stepmom, and they both had drank about 3 bottles of some kind of beer. Her dad was really weird that night , besides the fact how he was pretty much drunk. He was flirting with me and a few of my other friends.Now this is where it gets creepy.Rylee and I were catching up, and then all of the sudden he bursts in the room and starts touching us innapropriately.She ran and grabbed my hand and called our moms .Thrn he ran after us with his shirt off and saying,” who want’s daddy first?” We knew what he meant by that, So we shut the hell up and hid in a tree.While Rylee was tring to get up kn the tree she fell down.I got down and helped her, but then he was with us.He was right behind me feeling me.It was thr most disquesting feeling of my life. Then One of the other girls had ran out saying,”Guys I just woke up ,Where are you?!” We just started scrambling as he followed us until I tripped and fell on a pile of leaves.He went right on top of me trying to kiss me and then taking some of my clothes off.Then Rylee came back and realizer what he was doing , she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from the hideous creture.We ran in the housr called 911 ,and then told them what is going on ,then hid in their basement in a puddle of darkness.Until he came down trying to find us, he was very clise to the light and us. Then he turned tge kight on then off.We tip-toed as fast as we could away from him and out the door to my house. My house is fifteen minuted froM Elizabeth’s .We made it back until he called our house and thrn we locked the doors and windows. He was here screaming for us.We alerted my oarents and they told us to hide in the attic.He came into the room we had the attuc steps in and luckily the police came in right at the time he was liftine the door. If it wasnt for Rylee or the police we wouldnt have been raped or worse.


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