The Scariest Encounter Of My Life

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This is a paranormal incident that I encountered while visiting my grandparents in Poland, Europe.

Now me, personally, I was one of those people who used to click on paranormal videos that claimed to be true, and then comment that it was all fake and bullshit. But what happened to me and my brother that day scared the living hell out of me. You see, my family is European, so when I turned 21, I decided to visit my grandparents there for the first time. I took my 13 year old brother along with me. For privacy reasons, I’ll call him Ricky. I had decided that this would be a surprise visit, so my grandparents didn’t know Ricky and I were coming. Our grandparents live out in the country, because in that section of Poland you don’t come to civilization until maybe 5 miles from their house.

Their land was surrounded by woods, and they had a 2 story house in a big clearing. This will be important later in the story. I loved to see pictures of these woods, and I really wanted to go there. It just seemed so quiet and peaceful. Little did I know that it was the exact opposite of that. As soon as our plane landed, I rented a car and Ricky and I got in and I began to drive.

It would take quite a while to get there, so Ricky sat in the back on my phone.

About 10 minutes into driving, I began to get this weird vibe. I’ve never been to my grandparents’ property, but I’ve seen pictures and I know the directions there by heart. The further into the woods I drove, the more I got this “Oh shit” vibe, like when you’ve realized that you’ve done something really stupid. But the feeling continued for a few more more minutes, then it stopped.

The whole time, Ricky was being really quiet. I looked back, to see if he was OK, and I saw him just looking out the window. I thought that he was just looking at the woods, and continued to drive.

A few minutes later, I got to the house. It looked exactly as it did in the pictures that I had gotten. I parked the car outside the big gate, and opened it. It was one of those big cast iron gates, and it was rusted all over. I called for Ricky to give me back my phone, and  since I was within reach of their house, I called their number.

No one picked up.

That was quite strange, because my grandparents were always eager to pick up the phone and talk to us. No surprise, they lived in the middle of no where, and they had no one to talk to. I called a few more times, but with each call no one had picked up the phone. Yet in the windows, I could see that the lights were on. I could see human silhouettes too.

The big gates were locked, so I climbed over them. It was pretty easy, despite all the designs from iron on the gate. I then helped Ricky climb over as well. My grandparents’ house is weird because the entrance to the house is on the second floor, and you have to climb a staircase to get there.

And on the lower portion, there is a small house/ big room which was sometimes used as a cellar. We ran up the stairs and knocked on the door.

No one answered. I knocked more and said that it was Alina and Ricky.

I heard the deadbolt unlatch from the inside, and my grandma opened the door. She just stood there for a minute, then grabbed us and pulled us inside. When we were inside, she called my grandpa and told him to come see. They took us to the living room and were asking us how we’ve been and all that. After they were done hugging us, I asked my grandma why they didn’t answer the phone. She stood there for a second quietly, and then bit her lip and looked at my grandpa. She then turned to us and said that the phone was broken.

Fast-forward to the next day, Ricky wanted my to play hide and seek with him in the woods. It’s not every day you get to see a full forest in California. So I agreed. I was the first seeker, and I began to count against a tree.

I could hear Ricky’s laugh as he ran off to find a hiding spot. After counting to thirty, I looked up and looked around. During the day, the woods look more impressive than at night. Tall trees rise up into the sky, the green knee-high grass swaying in the wind. I walked out of the gates and looked at the forest.

The forest surrounds the whole property, so wherever you go, you’ll go into the woods. I began to walk down the main path, the one from where I came from yesterday.  I figured that my brother must’ve ran a little off the path in order to find a good hiding spot. I searched for half an hour, and then I returned to the house. I saw my brother waving at me from the top of the stairs, next to the door. His face looked scared. I began to run. He was yelling at me to run faster, so I did. When I got inside, he locked the door behind me.

I asked him why he was yelling at me to run. He told me to stay quiet and to follow him. He took me to his room.

I didn’t realize it, but the whole time my brother had my phone. He knows the pass code, so he unlocked my phone and opened the camera app. The first picture showed him in this small rundown shed in the back of the house.

The second picture was of me counting. The next picture was of my walking off, going to find him. The next one was a video. It showed me walking off. I asked him what the deal was, why he was taking pictures of that stuff. He then told me to shush and to look closer at what was behind me when I walked off. It was me walking off, but then something emerged from the bushes behind me. It was a dog. But when my brother zoomed in on a screen shot of the dog, I realized it was holding its’ leg up, as if it was limping.

Then I saw that the dog had no tail.

I asked Ricky why that dog didn’t have a tail. He then opened up Google and looked up dogs with no tails. It showed a slender, creme colored creature.

It’s eyes were human. So human, in fact, that I got scared just looking at the image. I asked Ricky what the fuck was that thing. He addressed it as a Skin walker. I was freaked the fuck out. He said that a dog without a tail and human eyes is the most common sign of a Skin walker. Later that day, I questioned my grandparents.

They admitted to me that something has been terrorizing all the animals in the forest. No more birds singing, no more crickets at night, nothing. My grandfather admitted to me that one night, he had seen a tall white figure streaking across the fields. He shot at it with a rifle, but apparently hit it. The creature let out the more ear-piercing screech he has ever heard. He and my grandma have been really on edge lately since that incident. Just a few days ago, they found a deer on the road, with bite marks on its’ hooves and its’ chest torn open. After lunch, I took Ricky and we both high tailed the fuck out of there.

We got home safely, but I swear as long as I live I’m never going back over there. I pray for my grandparent’s safety, and I pray that whatever my brother had seen following me that day will stay far, far away from us.

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