By Alex

This is an account of something that occurred two years ago now, something that cannot be logically explained to this day. I live in Northern Illinois in a nice neighborhood, with good people, and a pretty boring atmosphere.

Normally nothing weird ever happens around here, but this is a definite exception to say the least. Me and my friend who will go by Anna were hiking in the woods around the lake near my house.

Now it’s the middle of winter mind you, the woods aren’t that thick and the lake is surrounded by city and condos. It’s not remote or anything and that fact is what makes what happened to us all the more terrifying.

So Anna and I were exploring a section of the lake that’s closed off from the rest due to it being private property, in the dead of winter, and as the sun set we were armed only with our wits and some flashlights. We were searching for the presence of the small wolf pack that had taken up residence there, initially we found nothing but it was expected as wild animals tend to stay away from humans.

It had just snowed so if there were any tracks they would only be minutes old and after about 10 minutes of scanning the snow I came upon a set of wolf tracks.

The interesting thing about these tracks though was that they were absolutely massive, reaching the overall width of my splayed hand, but otherwise were identical to a normal wolf. Now instead of hightailing it the hell of there like any sane person I decided to ignore the overwhelming feeling of dread and called Anna over to me.

As we both looked in awe at the tracks I remembered that I had my phone with me and so began taking pictures of the prints in comparison to my hand. I wanted to prove what we saw to my family once we got back home, if we survived. After taking an obsessive amount of photos I suggested that we follow the direction of the tracks, Anna agreed and so we followed them going Northwest across the property.

This section of woods is used as a private dump by the land owner and the tracks were leading directly to the small, flimsy trailer used as an on site office.

As we walked I began to to develop this feeling that we were being watched, but it was like nothing I’ve ever felt before it was bone chilling dread like something was listening to my very heartbeat. I ignored the danger alarm sounding in the back of my mind and continued looking down at the tracks that had now begun to morph before my eyes.

The prints were now getting even larger and the toes began to elongate on both the front and hind feet. I froze panic taking over for a moment and turning to Anna I said “Anna come here now, look at this shit! Are you seeing what I’m seeing right now?!”.

Anna came over and looked at me with wide eyes before pulling out her phone to take more pictures. Despite the the darkness, the cold, and now the danger of some creature lurking nearby we trudged on with our investigation. Soon we were almost upon the trailer, about 300 feet away when again the tracks morphed this time getting even longer and becoming bipedal now.

The elongated canine feet were longer than my forearm and hand, not including its toes, making whatever the canine monstrosity was over 6 feet tall easily. Again we took pictures but this time more hastily, shaking the whole time and tears burning behind our eyes.

Then Anna asked “When are we leaving?” Every fiber of my being told me to run in the opposite direction, but yet we still stood partially frozen in place. That’s when the noises began, to our right in the thicker part of the forest branches started breaking. I turned to Anna and said “I think we should go now.”

With that we began walking away, but that was short lived. As soon as we started walking whatever inhabits that lake, knocked over a small tree uprooting it completely. The sound terrified us and drove us to sprint towards the bent fence that leads out to my street. As we ran there were solid footsteps behind us neither of us dared to look back and we flew over the uneven ground unleashing curses as we did so.

Then once we made it to the small hill where the fence lay bent Anna scrambled up it and leaped to the other side. I bounded up the hill but ended up falling down over the fence onto the pavement of the street getting up as fast as possible.

“Get up Alex RUN!” Anna screamed as she looked back at whatever was behind us and with that I got my feet and we rocketed down the block. We busted through my door, into the kitchen, and sat down at my table shaking and panting.

My little brother came out to see what the commotion was and my father soon followed asking us what the hell happened. I couldn’t speak so I just handed him my phone so he could look at the pictures I took.

He was astonished and told us not to go back there again at night. There are times where I still wonder “What if we didn’t run?” And it haunts me and Anna to this day. And I still don’t know what Anna saw behind us that night.

PS I would’ve included the pictures but we just moved and the computer they’re on is currently packed away.

3 thoughts on “Run

  1. This sounds absolutely terrifying to be honest.
    I think in a situation like that I would probably be like the girls in horror movies, and trip and fall and then get caught πŸ˜‚
    When you have settled in your new place I would love to see the pictures, if you still have them (I love piecing things together and the pictures would add a more scary sense to the story, if you get what I mean lol πŸ˜‚

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