Road trip creature

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This is a short story but still makes me curious to this day. I was on a trip to a friends house one day, it was just after sun down so the only lights were the scarce street light and my headlights.

I live in farm country so you can go quite some time with seeing anybody which makes for quite relaxing drives. I was passing through an intersection and saw about a half mile down the road two glowing orbs. They were to dim to be headlights and to big to be an animals.

The closer I get the more I can see, and the more I wish I turned at that intersection. My headlights were revealing a 7ft grey humanoid with massive orange eyes.

I slowed down as I neared the creature praying that it would get out of the way. I got within 20 yards when without hesitation it bolts with ridiculous speed off the road. Jumping over a 5 ft. cattle fence and into the hay field all without losing eye contact with me.

Honestly I about crapped my pants. Luckily I made it to my friends house without anymore experiences. I haven’t seen it since and I hope I never will.

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