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It was at the summer of 2015. My relatives came from up north down here in San Diego, California during a Friday morning. I always loved when they come down here as we do everything we can before they leave on a Sunday night. My cousins and I always did stupid things when we hang out together.

Living in San Diego, one of the most cheapest luxuries we have is the coast, so it was reasonable for us to take our visiting relatives to the beach, like we always do. We head down to Coronado beach, set up camp, and my cousins and I couldn’t wait to get into the water. Due to privy settings, I’ll name my cousins Shawn, Jay, and my uncle, Josh.

We head running for the water, splashing around, doing whatever people do at the beach. My cousins Shawn and Jay, along with my uncle, Josh, were heading farther and farther out into the ocean. I wanted to join them and so I swam through the waves with ease… with too much ease.. We were all floating around, all calm… until the lifeguards started to announce on a speaker, “Get out of the water! You three out there, please get back to shore!”.

It was then that we realized… we were stuck in a rip current. Slowly realizing that the water was dragging us out further into the ocean, we started to swim back to shore.. or at least try to swim back to shore. If you weren’t aware, rip currents are bodies of water that get pushed back out into the ocean due to the wind current pushing the waves. We were fighting the waves harder and harder. We eventually ran out of energy and so my uncle started to scream for help. In response, Jay and I also started crying out for help, hoping the lifeguards would still be able to pull us out of the water. From this point, everything that was clear from the beach, were now a blur since we were so far out into the water. All I could hear were the screams for help and a loud ringing in my ears. All I could think of is “Is this the last day I’m gonna be alive?”. I can already picture the News announcing my name due to a death of a rip current. My legs started to give up on me, as I was paddling my hardest to stay afloat and gasp for air. The waves were so big at this point that every second there would be one hovering over us, and eventually pushing us under the water. We literally had 2 seconds to catch air, then become submerged the next. My lungs were starting to give out, as I’ve gulped down so much salt water. And there I knew… I was gonna die.

I slowly sank underwater, and just gave up trying to float… until I felt a hand grab me from above. It was a lifeguard. I finally grew a little hope in me. Fighting with the last ounces of my energy, I grabbed his float device and was eventually dragged back to shore.

To this day, we still talk about the scary experience of being dragged underwater and out in the middle of nowhere by Mother Nature. I still go out into the water when at the beach, and ironically developed a hobby for surfing as I got more experienced with the water and spotting where rip currents are. So be careful when you’re out in the water. If you feel like the sand is moving into the sea when you’re in the water, don’t go any further, as it may also start dragging your body, and swallowing you as a whole, only to be found dead 100 meters deep into the ocean..

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