Refrigeration Technician Horror stories

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Here is one story since my box is blowing up! I am Refrigeration Repair Service Tech and This was about 5 years ago and I went to fix a refrigerator.

Before I got there I called the customer to confirm with him that I was on my way. Once I got there I pulled my service van into the driveway and got my tool bag and walked to the front door and rang the door bell. I stood there for about a min when a older man opened the door and I said Hello sir I’m the service Technician for the refrigerator and he said oh yes come on in.

Once I was In the house I was expecting to go to the kitchen but the older man told me that he has another Refrigerator in the basement. So he lead me the way down to the basement stairs to a long white chest cooler.

I asked him what seems to be the problem and he said it’s just not getting cold anymore. So I opened up the chest Refrigerator cooler and got a really really bad smell. Which I just figured it was just from the frozen meat that went bad from when the Refrigerator braking down which I have smelled hundreds of times.

So the first thing I noticed was the meat was in plastic bags like brown and white plastic bags.

I couldn’t see what was in them. So as I started pulling all the bags out one by one I got to one bag that was clear and what I seen really grabbed me by surprised.

It was a dead cat. All the bags had dead cats In them and the one that was clear I told the old man sir why do you have dead cats in your freezer and he took the bag from me and looked at it and said oh that’s my daughters cat that just died a few months ago. He said he still didn’t tell his daughter yet because she was away at college.

He said those are all of his cats that he has ever owned.

So I just stopped everything right there and told the old man I cant work on this Refrigerator and I have to go. Once I got back in my work van I called my office and told them what just happened and they said they don’t blame me for not wanting to work on that Refrigerator and told me ok and I went off to my next job. Until this day I have never forgot about that day. How there are people out there that keep other stuff in the Freezer then just food.

This is not a Fictional story. This is a True story. I have been a Refrigeration Service Tech for 18 years

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