Refrigeration horror story repair

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This story takes place in the summer of 2003 – 2004. I was called to a job for a broke down refrigerator. I remember pulling up to this huge house that was breathtaking. So as usual I pulled up in to the drive way and grabbed my tool bag and walked up to the front door of this palace. I rang the door bell and a woman answered the door. I said hello I’m the service Technician for the Refrigerator with a smile on my face. So the lady let me into the house and as I was following her to the kitchen we had to walk threw a few rooms just to get to the kitchen. So once we reached the kitchen I walked to the front of the refrigerator and I opened the freezer door and refrigerator door to see what was going on with the refrigerator. Once I figured out what was wrong I knew I would be there for awhile because it had a defrost problem and I had to defrost all the ice build up in the freezer before replacing a broken heater that went bad causing the refrigerator not to get cold. So as I was quietly started working on the Refrigerator. The lady started talking to me. Asking me how long have I been working on Refrigerators and if I have any kids and I told her No kids and I have been working on Refrigerators since I was 16 years old.So she stopped talking as she was sitting at the kitchen table holding the front of her head up with her hand. So I asked her if she has any kids and she said yes. Then she said none of the Neighborhood kids are allowed to come over and play at my house. As I just looked at her not thinking anything of it. Next thing I know she starts talking again on how her doctor has her on all these different kind of medications and I just looked at her and smiled and she said I’m not playing look at this as she opened up the kitchen cabinet with 3 shelfs full of medication with her name on all the medication bottles. Which is not normal for one person to be on so many different kind of pills. Next thing I know she starts talking about her husband and says how he is never around and I asked why and she said that her husband is a Toy Developer and he’s always flying to china to try to get the Toys on the market. So I asked her why aren’t the neighborhood kids allowed to come over and play with your kids and she said because I’m the crazy mom and no kids are allowed in my house and my kids are not allowed by there houses either as I was listening Dumb founded not understanding why until she cracked opened the walnut and tells me if I have ever seen her on TV and i said no what Tv show did you go on I asked her and she said the oprah winfrey show ! And I told her no I have never seen you on that show because I don’t watch that show. So Now i was just curious and asked her why did you go on the oprah winfrey show and she said for woman that tried killing their kids and then everything made sense why the neighborhood kids aren’t allowed to play with her kids. I have never been so happy to finish a job and get the hell out of there and hope I never have to go back in the near future to this house for a service repair


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