Red Eyes in the Darkness

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I live in on a Reserve in Alberta, Canada. Near the small town of Maskwacis (pronounced Musk-wa-cheese.) And behind my home is a large wooded area. For the most part, nothing much has happened in these woods. All my life, I have been a non-believer in the paranormal. That is until something happened in April of 2006.

In those days, me and most of my family would play poker next door at my Aunt’s house. The games would often begin when everyone was off work around 5 or 6pm. And end late into the night when no one could stay awake any longer.

One particular night in April of 2006, on a seemingly normal Friday night, we played Hold’em till around 3am. As the games ended, I decided to walk home. Since it’s not too far from my Aunt’s house to my place. (About a few hundred feet.) Though, the wooded area is sort of between our houses. My cousin Shane decided to tag along with me, since he lives across a field from my house. So we set off.

Midway between my house and my Aunt’s house, my cousin Shane and I heard some rustling. We thought nothing of it. Maybe just one of our dogs, I figured. But that was until I could hear off in the distance, my actual dogs going absolutely insane. Barking and growling. Suddenly, I heard Shane suddenly go, “Holy shit, man!” Now, I am partially blind in my left eye, so I had to glance directly at where he was seemingly looking at in the darkness. What I saw sent chills down my spine. I am almost 6’4″, but this thing that was staring at us from the treeline about 20 feet away, stood about a foot taller than me.

I was not entirely sure what it was, but as I said, it was a huge figure. And it stared directly at us. I could tell, by its eyes. They glowed a bright red. It was seemingly breathing heavily, as its shoulders moved up and down in the pale moonlight. Almost as though it was contemplating attacking us.

It continued to stare, as I said to Shane, “Just keep walking, man. Keep walking.” For some reason, I felt that if we ran, it would give chase. As we passed the treeline and got into my yard, I took a slight glance back at the treeline as we climbed the stairs to my house’s balcony and still saw those red eyes still locked on us. We got to the door and I fumbled with my keys. As we got inside, we quickly slammed the door shut and bolted it locked. “What in the hell was that?!” I remember saying once we got inside. I never did find out. Still to this day. I just know that I will never forget those horrid red eyes in the darkness.

Needless to say, Shane decided to crash on my couch that night till morning.

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