The Red Eyed Figure

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By ArcaningFire

Hi, my name is Brandon. I love with my parents and my cat and currently 14 years old. The story that I am about to tell is actually pretty recent. It happened to me literally a year ago, and ever since I have stopped watching horror movies and going to the kitchen or anywhere in the middle of the night. I barely even go outside to play and hang out with my friends at night now because of this. Well enough about me and my life, let’s get with the story now shall we.

Me my family had just move to a new state and we needed a place to stay, so for the time being we decided to stay in a apartment complex. We ended finding one that had just been built and was leasing people, so me and my family decided to stay there for a couple of months.

We managed to get an apartment and in only a couple of days managed to already get settled in. The apartment had a smell of new. You know when you get something brand new and it just has that smell like it’s new. Well actually some places it smelled more like paint, but that doesn’t really matter. Our first few weeks were ok, but the week after I will never forget.

For the past few days of the week were good, but on Wednesday that week I started hearing some weird tapping at the window. I went to investigate, but when I look out, nothing was there. At that moment I just assume that it was either a tree that was actually outside my window or my blinds, so I just went back to sleep. But after 3 minutes of trying to sleep I hear it again louder, like it almost sound like banging.

I was scared, but I quickly man up and check what ever was making that sound, but again nothing was dare.

This process lasted for 3 more nights. I told my parents about it but they just said it was probably the tree outside my window and just shrugged it off. Staturday though was the day I’ll never forget. My parents decided to through away my cat’s bed due to how dirty and damaged it was, and so my cat had to sleep in my room, since my parents didn’t want cat hair all over there bed.

That night I was asleep and my cat sleeping under my bed. I was having delightful dreams when all of the sudden I woke up to scratching. My cat was scratching at more door most likely telling me she has to go eat or use her cat litter, weird though I thought due to I had let the door so that she could go do those stuff. My cat started clawing underneath the door like she was trying to open the door somehow, someway.

I got up to go let her out when all of a sudden my cat’s paw jerked out from underneath the door, like something just touched her paw ( I should know because sometimes I don’t let her in my room and she started clawing underneath the door and I am able to touch her paw from the other side).

“Strange” I thought and I opened the door to let her in, but she wouldn’t move. She just stayed in place motion less.

Picked her up and started to throw her outside the door but she had gotten so scared that she wiggles out and actually clawed my hand so hard that it started to bleed. When she was on the ground her tail lit up like a Christmas tree and even looked like the shape of one too. I decided to see what was she so scared about, then I saw it.

From the dining room, behind the chair was a dark figure. Since it was so dark I couldn’t make out if it was a guy or a woman. But to me it kinda looks like a man. The only think that I could see clearly was his eyes, which was literlly 2 red dots. I was so scared I opened my mouth to scream, but now words came out. I quickly ran back to my room and locked it.

There something I forgot to mention about my apartment, the dining room, the kitchen, and the living room as well as my parents room are all connected.

My room is actually down a tiny hallway which connects to my room, the laundry room and my bathroom. The weird part is my bathroom is connected to my room as well, so if someone want to come in my room all that had to do was come into the room, or come into the bathroom then come into my room, so pretty much I got 2 entrances to my room.

After I locked my room door, I quickly ran to the bathroom and locked the door leading to the hallway.

After that I just stayed in my bed and hid under the covers like a child. I could hear what sounded like footsteps outside my room. Whatever was outside wasn’t done there, I could hear the doorknob turn, but since it was locked whatever was out there couldn’t get in. After 3 more attempts everything just went to silence.

Whatever was out there was gone. For the rest of the night I didn’t sleep and when I went to go tell my parents they ,as well, shrugged it off and said it was probably a dream. Ever since that day nothing has happened like that. To be honest that is really the only paronormal thing that has ever happened to me. It still gives me chills everythime I think about. All that I know now is that I will never forgot what happened that night.

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